1. diverdown

    Michigan Mini Colonies Zoas + OG Bounce Hallucinations Pikachus Purple Monsters Frozen Armegeddon Many Others

    LOWER PRICES - Please enquire for package price if interested! Colonies include Hallucinations, Pikachus, Purple Monsters, Rainbow Infusion, Frozen Armegeddon, Blondies (BBEB), Rastas, Bam Bams, Sunny D plus OG Bounce Mushrooms and Reverse Maui Wowi Mushroom. Standard DOA applies. Free...
  2. Steven w

    New York 12 pack OG zoa collectors pack

    Here we have an exciting pack of 12 wysiwyg frags all coveted by zoa collectors. These classics are great colors and good growers. Pack is selling for $299 shipping included. Freebie included with shipping for limited time also! Jungle Juice (5 polyps) Super Saiyans (3 polyps) Emeralds On...
  3. Steven w

    New York OG Collectors Zoa Frag Packs (includes Rastas, Blondies, Lakers, Jungle Juice Etc

    Pack one is for $175 shipped. Use pic below for names from left to right top to bottom La Lakers 5p, Jungle Juice 8p, Rastas 5p, long lash eagle eyes 3p, blondies 4p, Green Bay Packers 8p, Whammin Watermelons 8p, Safe Crackers 7p. WYSIWYG Pack 2 is for $140 shipped Use pic below for...