1. Dsnakes

    North Carolina Hallucinations and Bloodshots

    I can do two of these packs. 3p Hallucinations & 1p JF Bloodshots $385 + shipping, PM your zipcode for quote. Add ons - ORA Grubes Gorgonian $15 Bright Monti Setosa $10 Forest Fire Digi $20 WWC Twizzlers $10/p Utter Chaos $20/p
  2. BillyC

    Utah WWC Biohazard bounces, WWC Looney Tunes Stylo, JF Bloodshots, Jawbreakers

    Tons of healthy plump frags available! Shipping is $55 with standard doa*. Lighting is Radion G4 pro. WWC biohazard bounces look amazing next to the OG! 1.) WWC Biohazard Bounce 1.5" $300 2.) WWC Biohazard Bounce 1.5" $300 3.) WWC Biohazard Bounce 2" $400 4.) WWC Looney Tunes...
  3. BillyC

    Utah Jason Fox Bloodshots mini-colony

    Price is $500 shipped for a 10p mini-colony of True JF Bloodshots. These have been healed for weeks, are fat and healthy. These are very hard to find and a must-have for collectors. Lineage is to golfnut1232. DOA shipping guarantee: Buyer must send a clear picture of dead coral in my unopened...
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