1. ygon

    Florida GMK and Bowser pack

    3 GMK polyps and a baby, lineage direct from GB. Over 12 polyps of the Bowsers. Asking $850 shipped for both. That's less than $300 a polyp just on the GMK.
  2. ygon

    Florida Mini Bowser colony

    Asking $200 shipped. 8 polyps and healed for over 3 weeks. These were originally acquired through Reefraft and have been in my system for close to 6 years now. Pictures were taken with a pixel2 phone and a gel filter, no photo editing. Mother colony
  3. ygon

    Florida Bowser Colony

    Asking $500 shipped. Counted over 20 polyps. It's on a 2" disc. Mother colony before I cut it.
  4. Steven w

    New York High End Collectors Zoa Pack(halls, leprechauns, bowsers and more

    2 polyps Latin lovers, 2 polyps golden leopards, 5 polyp leprechauns, 3 polyp bowsers, 1 polyp buttkrak, 2 polyp hallucinations, 3 polyp zero matter w/ 3 polyp rainbow incinerators, & 3 polyp wwc superstars. $725 shipped Halls has a tiny baby coming!
  5. Steven w

    High end zoa 18 pack

    Capt jerks, neon green grandis paly Scarlet fever paly, chuckies bride Scrambled eggs, la lakers Black hornets, blondies Emeralds on fire, gatorades Super saiyans, long lash eagle eyes Jungle juice, rose nebulas Flaming brohicans, bowsers Rainbow incinerators, zero matters WYSIWYG Will...
  6. K

    Bowsers, Hallucinations, JB's, and More

    Hello. Like most of us, I went nuts and spent too much on corals. I need to free up cash for other corals. Haha. Story of our lives. Shipping a flat $50; I'll eat the cost if more, via UPS Next Day Air AM. 2 hour DOA. Ironically, all but the sonic flares and one JB are from this forum. Feel...
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