1. Gotfrogs

    USA Breakout box for Apex Controller with LED Illuminated Buttons and External Switch connections

    This is a custom designed breakout box designed to work with the Neptune Apex aquarium controllers. It contains three illuminated momentary switches, a toggle kill switch, and two external switch inputs (for use with float switches). Included is the breakout box, Y-power cable, mounting...
  2. Jimbo662

    Exotic Marine Overflow box

    @NaH20nerd I finally got the package! First impressions are that this thing is built like a tank. One thing I know I'll like better is being able to see into the internal box. The Tideline overflow had the removable weirs. When you remove the weir / cover the bottom of it is about an inch and...
  3. Treasure Coast


    ECOTECH MARINE VORTECH MP10QD QUIETDRIVE propeller pump purchased from BRS on 5/9/16. Excellent condition, in the original box, used on a bio cube for about 9 months. Wet side was used for about a month. Runs like new, shipping and PP fees included. $179. Manufacture date: April 27 2016
  4. A

    Anyone still using the black box leds?

    Just like the title asks, anyone still using the Chinese black box LED lights? I've been away from the hobby a while, and just getting back into it. I have never tried them, but I recall them being quite the rage several years ago. Curious if they've withstood the test of time? Anyone that's...