breakout box

  1. smartwater101

    California Neptune Apex, PM1, FMK, VDM, Breakout Box

    Fluid monitoring kit with Leak detector. (2x 1/2" sensors and a 1" sensor) SOLD VDM SOLD Neptune Apex ("2016 wifi") Includes Brain, EB832, ORP probe, and 1link cable (waterproof connector attached) SOLD Pm1 module SOLD BreakoutBox SOLD
  2. MattJS

    North Carolina Sold

    Pm is the best way to get in touch with me. PM2 Orange Label module- $55 shipped It’s like new and works perfectly.
  3. J

    Alabama Neptune Breakout Box

    SOLD I'm selling one Neptune Breakout Box. I am the original owner, and purchased this in February 2017. It's in perfect condition. I'm looking for $30 shipped. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
  4. shiftline

    Avast Marine Breakout Box for Neptune Apex Review

    I got my Avast Marine Breakout box last week and love it! Its sooooooo much easier to use than the Neptune version.. Having to try and find a way to fit 6 wires into one tiny holes never made sense to me! I highly recommend picking one up if your in the market for a Breakout box