1. Broadfield

    Illinois Broadfield Red Sea Reefer Complete Plumbing/Sump Setup

    I am selling my complete, custom Red Sea Reefer plumping setup and sump. I have $1450 worth of equipment and plumbing parts invested in the setup. This will fit the Red Sea Reefer 450 and the XL 525. Note: it will fit other Red Sea Reefer tanks with an appropriately sized custom stand. This...
  2. Broadfield

    Red Sea Reefer Owner Meet-up MACNA 2017

    I'm not limiting this in any way to only Red Sea Reefer owners... all of R2R is welcome! But Reefer owners are my main focus. So if you are interested in meeting up with myself and other fellow Reefer owners, please post here and let me know whether Friday or Saturday works best for you. I...
  3. Clayton Jessup

    "Embarking the Journey" Reef Build by Clayton

    Little bit more about me and who I am: I am currently trying to finish up schooling to get a LPN or LVN Nursing License. A LPN or LVN is a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocation Nurse which is right below a RN or Registered Nurse. So pretty much RN’s are my bosses once I start working...
  4. Broadfield

    Keeping Your Sand Bed Clean

    I'm constantly getting asked how I keep my tank so clean. I figured I would make a quick video focusing on the sand bed and how I keep it spotless. I use to "stir" it with the end of my Eheim tongs, but this method is even easier and less invasive around the corals. NOTE: If you currently...
  5. Broadfield

    Talk Me Into Or Out Of Halides

    I typically don't ask for advice in anything I do. I like to learn on my own merit, whether it be learning from mistakes or getting lucky the first time. With that being said, I have never owned halides before. I currently have a Giesemann Aurora, which is a T5/LED hybrid. The fixture is...
  6. Broadfield

    Build Thread Broadfield's Red Sea Reefer 450 Build - OCD Inspired... Going Green

    Current state of tank: FTS by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr FTS + Stand by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr IMG_6030 by Toby Broadfield, on Flickr I am absolutely no stranger to posting build threads on a forum, just not of a reef tank... it's always been of vehicles.:) So this is my first! I...