calcium dosing

  1. jcabral125

    Not reading calcium correct?

    So I’m not sure if I’m completely losing my mind but I’ve been struggling getting my calcium levels up and I’m starting to feel like my test just isn’t accurate. I’ve never had this problem with my api test kit before but this is strange. I have a Xenia coral, green galaxea a very very small...
  2. F

    Calcium Rising without Dosing!!

    Hey everyone, My calcium has been rising for a couple weeks now. I don't dose calcium yet, but I do dose KH. I check all my parameters 2 times a week and have noticed a massive increase in calcium even from the last test. I do a water change every Sunday arvo (just did one and checked...
  3. M

    High Calcium

    Hi everyone, I’ve got a 2 month old 90 gallon tank that I am looking to make a reef tank, I have been stocking slowly with fish and cuc. I recently got around to purchasing alkalinity and calcium test kits and have found that my Alkalinity was at 7.9 last week and Calcium was in the 540s which I...
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