carpet anemone

  1. W

    Clownfish stung/grabbed by carpet anemone

    Howdy all, I have a Black Storm clown in a QT tank right now with some concerns. About a week ago the clown was acting strange and had a very thin slime coat and my first thought was that my carpet anemone got a hold of it(which now has a new home). Over the next few days the slime coat...
  2. C

    General questions from a newcomer

    Hello :) I recently “inherited” (for lack of better term) a 120 gallon tank from a friend. The tank has 4 clownfish, 1 blue velvet damsel, 1 yellow damsel, 1 wrasse and a lawnmower blenny. It also has a green carpet anemone. I’m clueless when it comes to the anemone. Does it look healthy...
  3. Asagi

    Neon Green Gigantea

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Neon Green Gigantea. For more information about this item, please click the link or ask a question in this thread. Hello all, I would like to sell my Neon Green Gigantea Anemone. Please message if interested. Thanks Please add to...
  4. P

    Are these two mouths?

    I got this mini carpet anemone at Petco a few months ago. Are these two separate mouths? What does this mean?
  5. Asagi

    Gigantea Anemone (neon green)

    This thread is for the general discussion of the classified ad Gigantea Anemone (neon green). Please add to the discussion here.
  6. Gigantea Anemone (neon green)

    For sale Gigantea Anemone (neon green)

    Hello friends! I have a large (10-12”) Gigantea I would like to part with. This gig has been treated and in my system for over a year now. $750 (plus shipping if needed) will take it. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  7. 2manyideas

    New carpet anemone dying?

    My friend got a new carpet anemone yesterday and today he found it like this. The lfs had said they got the anemone in that day and when we acclimated it to the tank we did feed it a piece of silver side. Does he need to remove it before it nukes everything? Will it pull through?
  8. Maddlesrain

    Has your carpet anemone eaten any fish?

    I'm curious how many people have lost fish to their carpet anemones, specifically Haddoni. I'm weighing whether or not I should risk one (I understand there is a risk no matter what). Please feel free to include tank size, how long you've owned the anemone(s), and the type(s) of fish that were...
  9. ReefChasers

    Livestock Save 20% on this HUGE Red Carpet Anemone!

    :eek: :eek: :eek: Dang, this thing is so large I can't even get the entire anemone to be in focus because I can't get far enough away from the top-down lol! Although this guy is probably for the high rollers out there if anyone is in the market for a huge carpet, this one is absolutely...
  10. johntdaballa

    Texas Moving sale ! Houston

    I have a few frags need to get rid of nothing fancy Tyree green toadstool 2 s/m size $40ea Baby Jawbreaker 2 available $100ea Green Haddoni carpet $150 Sherman rose BTA 2 medium ($150ea) 2 small ($115ea) M/L GSP $30
  11. gig 'em

    Gig ‘ems Grand Gigantea Gathering

    I wanted to make a thread that follows my dealings with Stychodactyla gigantea (gig) carpet anemones and post updates to some experiments with them. My first post I want to introduce maybe the most rare gig I’ve come across so far, a red gig. The classification of this anemone was under...
  12. gig 'em

    Haddoni on the rocks

    Does your haddoni carpet like it up on the rocks? I’m curious how many live on rocks instead of in the sand like in the wild in peoples tanks.
  13. ThrillAddict

    New Jersey WTB Small Red Pink or Blue Haddoni Carpet

    WTB: Non-green or purple small haddoni that doesn't break the bank, is that asking too much?
  14. MartinM

    New Orange Haddoni!

    A shameless show off of bad photos (iphone cameras don’t do well with fluorescent animals!). It’s red/orange, tending towards more orange. The accurate color would be if you blended the first two photos together, but I’m terrible with photography and editing. It’s big, about 30-40cm (the...
  15. B

    EMERGENCY New Carpet Anemone Looks Very Unwell

    Hi guys, I bought a large carpet anemone from petco yesterday, drop acclimated it and transferred to my DT. At first it looked fine, same as in the shop, but after a few hours it appeared deflated with gaping mouth and white smoke like fluid coming from mouth. Water parameters are all ok - my...
  16. Stassis little reef

    ISO Hemprichii or Pizza Anemone!

    If anyone is looking to sell their Hemprichii or pizza anemone please let me know!
  17. MartinM

    Carpet not attaching

    I’ve had a purple carpet (Haddoni I think, maybe Mertens, though? Pardon the LED photo, it’s actually under ~14k ish and about ~150 PAR average, higher near the top, lower near the bottom) for about a month. It attached quickly, burying it’s foot, but then I realized a few days later it had...
  18. H

    Carpet Anenome sand bed depth?

    Does anybody know what sand bed depth Haddoni and Gigantea Anenomes require?
  19. Art Calde

    Florida Gold/Purple/Green mini maxi anemone

    Mini maxi Gold/Purple/Green anemone approximately 3-4 inches wide Pickup in Jupiter Florida ( Anemone Coral reef aquarium frag saltwater )
  20. Cstar_BC

    Deep Sand Bed

    Looking to see if anyone has successfully kept a deep sand bed and has some suggestions . I have a carpet anemone so need at least 4” Now since we are mostly trying to mimic ocean conditions has anyone ever layered the sand like 40% coarse crushed coral ,40% special grade and 20% sugar...
  21. Asagi

    Haddoni Cephalexin Treatment

    Good morning everyone! I wanted to post a thread to let everyone know about the success I had have using Fish Flex (Cephalexin) on a few Haddoni. Long story short, I have an established GIANT (maybe 20") blue haddoni that I have had for some time. I recently acquired 2 additional haddoni, one...
  22. alexiowa

    Iowa beautiful carpet nem

    This blue green carpet has been in my tank for around a year. I recently added some extra lighting and the new started moving. That doesn't work for me with all the corals I have placed around the tank. I think i'm ready to let someone else keep this beautiful 12-14" carpet. $250 with local pickup
  23. AquaLocker

    Livestock Small-Med Purple Carpet Anemone (gigantea)

    Approximately 1.5" - Purple
  24. N

    Carpet anemone and inverts

    What inverts can be housed with carpet anemones? Looking to add shrimp and crabs. Also what fish can safely be with carpets with out getting eaten ? Thanks in advance
  25. Nezmo

    Some of our favorite clown video shots in the wild

    This starts with a family of the spectacular blue-striped clowns in their stylish purple carpet anemone. The larger female was doing some house cleaning around the mouth of the anemone to remove some sand particles. Then we have a look at the largest tomato clown colony I have ever seen... - All-In-One Aquarium Filtration