carpet anemone

  1. ThrillAddict

    New Jersey WTB Small Red Pink or Blue Haddoni Carpet

    WTB: Non-green or purple small haddoni that doesn't break the bank, is that asking too much?
  2. MartinM

    New Orange Haddoni!

    A shameless show off of bad photos (iphone cameras don’t do well with fluorescent animals!). It’s red/orange, tending towards more orange. The accurate color would be if you blended the first two photos together, but I’m terrible with photography and editing. It’s big, about 30-40cm (the...
  3. B

    EMERGENCY New Carpet Anemone Looks Very Unwell

    Hi guys, I bought a large carpet anemone from petco yesterday, drop acclimated it and transferred to my DT. At first it looked fine, same as in the shop, but after a few hours it appeared deflated with gaping mouth and white smoke like fluid coming from mouth. Water parameters are all ok - my...
  4. Stassis little reef

    ISO Hemprichii or Pizza Anemone!

    If anyone is looking to sell their Hemprichii or pizza anemone please let me know!
  5. MartinM

    Carpet not attaching

    I’ve had a purple carpet (Haddoni I think, maybe Mertens, though? Pardon the LED photo, it’s actually under ~14k ish and about ~150 PAR average, higher near the top, lower near the bottom) for about a month. It attached quickly, burying it’s foot, but then I realized a few days later it had...
  6. H

    Carpet Anenome sand bed depth?

    Does anybody know what sand bed depth Haddoni and Gigantea Anenomes require?
  7. Art Calde

    Florida Gold/Purple/Green mini maxi anemone

    Mini maxi Gold/Purple/Green anemone approximately 3-4 inches wide Pickup in Jupiter Florida ( Anemone Coral reef aquarium frag saltwater )
  8. Cstar_BC

    Deep Sand Bed

    Looking to see if anyone has successfully kept a deep sand bed and has some suggestions . I have a carpet anemone so need at least 4” Now since we are mostly trying to mimic ocean conditions has anyone ever layered the sand like 40% coarse crushed coral ,40% special grade and 20% sugar...
  9. Asagi

    Haddoni Cephalexin Treatment

    Good morning everyone! I wanted to post a thread to let everyone know about the success I had have using Fish Flex (Cephalexin) on a few Haddoni. Long story short, I have an established GIANT (maybe 20") blue haddoni that I have had for some time. I recently acquired 2 additional haddoni, one...
  10. alexiowa

    Iowa beautiful carpet nem

    This blue green carpet has been in my tank for around a year. I recently added some extra lighting and the new started moving. That doesn't work for me with all the corals I have placed around the tank. I think i'm ready to let someone else keep this beautiful 12-14" carpet. $250 with local pickup
  11. AquaLocker

    Livestock Small-Med Purple Carpet Anemone (gigantea)

    Approximately 1.5" - Purple
  12. N

    Carpet anemone and inverts

    What inverts can be housed with carpet anemones? Looking to add shrimp and crabs. Also what fish can safely be with carpets with out getting eaten ? Thanks in advance
  13. Nezmo

    Some of our favorite clown video shots in the wild

    This starts with a family of the spectacular blue-striped clowns in their stylish purple carpet anemone. The larger female was doing some house cleaning around the mouth of the anemone to remove some sand particles. Then we have a look at the largest tomato clown colony I have ever seen...