1. GK3

    North Carolina Live Goods Shutting tank down sale - golden dwarf moray

    Hey all. Moving and not moving the tank. Lots for sale, pictures available on request, will post some later. multiples of all coral available zoa aoi - I have a ton of these, literally a colony of 100s-1000s. $100 frag of 20+ TSA star fox- two large colonies - $150 Purple monster - $50 Alien...
  2. A

    North Carolina WTB Corals

    Anyone selling anything near Charlotte, NC?
  3. GK3

    North Carolina WTB pF-Nano overflow

    WTB an Eshopps PF-Nano HOB Overflow please let me know if you have one you’d like to sell.
  4. YNRA

    Hello New to the hobby

    Hey everyone, Name is Jake and I'm new to the hobby and keeping fish in general. I've watched so many videos and read up on so much that I think my girlfriend is starting to buy into the whole getting a saltwater tank. We just bought a condo in Charlotte and what better time to start a tank...
  5. dank reefer


    RASOC’S 2020 LFS WARPED TOUR When: Nov. 14th @ 11a.m. This might be our last official meeting for the year, we would like to make it an exciting one. We’d like to take a tour around to our Local Club Sponsors LFS stores to show them our support, and to give them our thanks for being a part of...
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