choosing an lfs

  1. Kilroy

    Need to find a LFS

    Hey All, I finally have finished my cycle and am ready to add a fish! Ammonia is 0, Nitrite is 0, Nitrate is about 6. I have a handful of snails for CUC but would like to get a Royal Gramma (starting slow). I ordered one from LiveAquaria but it arrived this morning dead. I am pretty bummed...
  2. Choosing an LFS or "Local Fish Store"

    Beginner Topic Choosing an LFS or "Local Fish Store"

    One of the first things that new members of the forum will learn is that we generally advise new aquarists not to rely solely on what their LFS* tells them. Note: LFS is a reef acronym for "local fish store" or the store where you can buy aquarium supplies for your saltwater tank. Sometimes...
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