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Sep 12, 2019
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Poughkeepsie NY
Hey All,

I finally have finished my cycle and am ready to add a fish! Ammonia is 0, Nitrite is 0, Nitrate is about 6. I have a handful of snails for CUC but would like to get a Royal Gramma (starting slow). I ordered one from LiveAquaria but it arrived this morning dead. I am pretty bummed about having sentence the poor guy to death. I would like to just use a LFS but I need some recommendations. I Have my QT up and running since I planned on putting a fish into it this morning. Anyone have a recomendation? I tried to get ahold of Mike with Hudson Valley Fish -N- Reef last week and this morning but I haven't heard back so I am not sure if he is open.

~ Kilroy
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Sep 9, 2018
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I got my last delivery of fish from TSM Aquatics, who fully quarantine their fish ( The fish arrived healthy and took right to the tank. They are located in lower NJ so the fish don't have to travel too far.

I can't see myself getting fish from anywhere else in the future.
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May 10, 2020
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Aquarium Solutions 101 in Wappingers falls right off of 376. Really nice guy great selection of fish and corals and dry goods. Some of his stuff is a little on the pricier side but everything I get from him is awesome. Totally worth a check out.


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Aug 18, 2017
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New Hamburg NY
Congratulations on your cycled tank and sorry to hear about the Royal Gramma. Also, thumbs up for starting slow. Sounds like you have the discipline needed for success in this hobby.

Aquarium Solutions 101 is a nice clean shop and should be able to help you out. Hudson Valley Fish-N-Reef is an excellent vendor as well. I would try again to get hold of them, so you have a good relationship with a few of the better local shops. The last time I was at 101, I picked up a very healthy lawnmower blenny and it looks like they are getting more fish in again.

I believe it is 100% worth paying a higher of a price for a fish that has been in a shop for a few weeks. An LFS takes on the risk of ordering the fish, making sure they are eating and healthy, housing them for some time to notice any parasites and treat, you get to see the actual size and behavior of the fish, among the fact we should all be supporting our local fish shops, whenever possible.

Anyway, that's my rant. Lol. Best of luck!

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