1. BanZI29

    Please recommend a skimmer...

    So I am set on getting a skimmer instead of a media reactor since I do feed my coral. (no fish) most of you all know but for those who don't, I have the innovative Marine fusion 25 AIO. ( see my build link.) I am looking at the IM Nuvo skim DC...
  2. R

    Sump For IM Lagoon

    How's everyone doing, So I have a IM 50 Lagoon AIO. I want to take out the build in filtration and add a synergy reef shadow overflow V2. That means I would be looking into a sump now. I have the APS stand and was wondering what you guys would get for the sump? I would really like for the...
  3. Kilroy

    Need to find a LFS

    Hey All, I finally have finished my cycle and am ready to add a fish! Ammonia is 0, Nitrite is 0, Nitrate is about 6. I have a handful of snails for CUC but would like to get a Royal Gramma (starting slow). I ordered one from LiveAquaria but it arrived this morning dead. I am pretty bummed...
  4. W

    Any Shop Reccomendations

    Hi, I'm both new to the reef2reef community and new to the Memphis area. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations about which stores are any good. I don't mind driving a little out of town but would want to keep it to about an hour drive from downtown max. Any feedback would be...
  5. Thoms_here

    Build Thread Dry Tank Getting Ready to Get WET!

    I 'm getting ready to set up a new reef tank (with dry rock) and was wondering what type of inexpensive "master reef or saltwater test kit" you would recommend (unfortunately, emphasis on inexpensive). Thanks and I hope everyone has a GREAT thanksgiving! :)
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