clarisea sk5000

  1. S

    Build Thread Lavalle's Red Sea Reefer 350 - After a tank teardown coming back with a new tank

  2. ajtomase

    ClariSea SK5000 roller filer in Red Sea Reefer 625

    Hi Everyone, I'm planning on getting my first tank soon, Red Sea Reefer 625. I'm interested in having a ClariSea SK5000 roller filter installed in my tank, but I heard it involves a lot of heavy modifications. Since I'm new, and really need a basics 101 on plumbing and what needs to be...
  3. ChicagoShoop

    Clarisea Sk5000 issue in Reefer 350

    Hey guys. Having an issue with my new SK5000. Got it all hard plumbed on last Monday. Here we are a week later and still haven’t figured this thing out. The water level is not rising fast enough to trigger the float valve prior to the 8hr alarm. Sometimes it works fine and sometimes the alarm...
  4. Zach B

    Build Thread My Dream Build 150

    My 150g tank from SCA arrived today & looks great! I am so excited to be upgrading our 45g reef tank to this one. Within the next few months I will be buying my equipment, building a stand, building a 75g sump, reinforcing my existing floor & building a fish room in the basement where all of my...
  5. sdreef

    Automatic Filter Roller Extending Fleece Life with Apex

    I have a Clarisea SK-5000 on a new system, but figure this could apply to any automatic roller. I was considering having the filter rollers turned off via the apex except for once or twice a day. I have not had the automatic roller for long, so I am wondering if anyone can think of any issues...
  6. sdreef

    Large Build SDReef's 330G CDA Acropora Dominant Mixed Reef

    December 2020 November 25, 2021 One year old Since 2015, I've been keeping a 60 cube tank. I used dry rock and the system took some time to mature and eventually evolved into an acropora dominant mixed reef. I enjoy seeing larger colonies, but space was getting tight and with my wife's...
  7. |Tom the Bomb|

    Fleece filter roller help

    I really want to replace the socks with a clarisea roller on my new Red Sea tank that I'm soon setting up but I heard that installing and plumbing it is hard. how do I plumb the roller inlet onto the downflow. I dont think it’s possible to do that cuz of all the glass baffles and the sock...
  8. S

    Hawaii WTB WTB: Clarisea SK-5000 or Bubble Magus Filter Roller Med. or Lg.

    Looking to purchase either a Clarisea SK-5000 or Bubble Magus Filter Roller Med. or Lg sizes. Please send PM if you're looking to sell.
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