1. Djtonton

    Ohio Testing Drygoods BRAND NEW: Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe + Fluids

    I have a Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe with 3 calibration fluids. Brand new has not been used or taken out of the box. Can ship out as soon as payment is made. Any questions please let me know!
  2. H

    Atlas Scientific Driver Development (ORP,DO, EC) for Robo-Tank/reef-pi build

    Hello! Wish I was farther along before posting here, but alas my skills have failed me. First off, huge shout out to Rob from Robo-Tank: couldn't have made it this far without him for sure; his insight and support have made this experience really eye-opening and incredibly fun. As an...
  3. S

    Sral's Aquarium and Reef-Pi Build

    The current status can now be found on GitHub You will find an overview of the current status and discussions with links. Also includes comprehensive Links to Sources/Guides, Schematics and Pictures reporting on the progress. I will post progress reports and pictures here as well.
  4. S

    DIY EC sensor

    Since Atlas Instruments EC sensors are expensive as hell, I looked around a bit and stumbled upon this DIY build. It basically measures the voltage across a voltage divider, with the resistor under test being a DIY probe: As far as I understand: The circuit uses AC excitation (IC1A on the...
  5. S

    Sral's Aquarium and Reef Pi Build

    We got my parents old aquarium to give junior a bit of usefull cinema and I get to implement it. I therefore get to play around with technology (especially Reef-Pi) as much as I like ^^ Thought I'd share the project with you and get some usefull input.
  6. Niterunner77

    Apex Salinity Probe not calibrating....

    Hi to all! I just recently purchased my new Apex and so far I absolutely love it! But, the only problem I am having is that I can’t get my salinity probe to calibrate. When I’m calibrating on step 4 it just times out and can’t seem to get the correct salinity range it needs. Is there any...
  7. AquaDaddy

    Washington PM2 and VDM

    PM2 (brand new) and VDM, slightly used. I have no packaging and don't have any probes. I'm asking $70 for the PM2 and $75 for the VDM. I've attached pictures of the modules. I just up upgraded to the apex 2016 so don't really need these anymore. I'm also in no hurry to sell them either. I will...
  8. S

    Apex stuff and XR30 Pro Gen 3 LED Modules for sale.

    All prices shipped and payment via PayPal within the Continental USA. Neptune Systems Lab Grade PH Probe New - $50 Neptune Systems Double Junction Lab Grade ORP Probe New - $75 Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity/Salinity Probe New - $110 XR30 Gen 3 Pro LED Modules New - $250 XR30/15...