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  1. goldfish423


    Another wonderful tank giveaway Give all these wonderful folks some love!
  2. RiptideAquaculture


    Riptide Aquaculture as we celebrate US for our 5 year anniversary sale! for the aftersale buy joining our VIP Club you will recive a 20% off promo code! Join us in the weeks leading up to the sale as we do live streams with GIVEAWAYS! Wanna Know how we do a live sale!? Watch this video and...
  3. AlgaeBarn

    Custom lid, coral pillows, Ultimate refugium starter pack and MORE in new contest!

    To celebrate AlgaeBarn, hydrospace_microbial_products ,reefinaintezy , pristinerock , lazycoffeedesign , and printedreef have sponsored an incredible contest!! ❤️
  4. noopsyche


    GIVEAWAY FOR BLACK FRIDAY THANKSGIVING Win 140 watt Reef Light * $130 Gift Card THE PRIZE: PRIZE 1: NP K7 V3 140watt Reef Light (1 WINNER) PRIZE 2: $130 Gift Card Code (3 WINNER) Enter Here! SALE FOR BLACK FRIDAY Noopsyche has a limited number of 35%off K7 V3 LED lights for sale. All...
  5. RiptideAquaculture

    Cyber Monday Monday ONLY HOT DEALS **RIPTIDE AQUACULTURE CYBER MONDAY STARTS NOW, BUY 5 Get 1 Free, 20%OFF Black Friday prices and GIVEAWAY**

    Cyber Monday If you like the deals and savings of Black Friday your going to love this! Deals on deals on deals. Yep you read correctly we are offering We will be dropping the prices an additional 20% Discounts will Adjusted at 12AM EST But wait, there's more! Buy 5 WYSIWYG coral, get 1 Cyber...
  6. Waterbox Aquariums

    CONTEST TIME! Adventures of Gary the GIANT Trochus Snail: PhotoShop Challenge

    The ORA Build is BACK! Earlier this year, we teamed up with the one and only ORA to set up a fully aquacultured reef-- from substrate/rock and inverts, to corals and fish! Absolutely nothing in this aquarium came from the ocean. (You can watch the full series here: ORA + WB: AIO PENINSULA...
  7. AlgaeBarn


    One grand prize winner will be announced at the end of the month and win ALL 6 PRIZES!! . An original 10"x8" pen and ink illustration of a blue-ringed octopus from @kraken_queen_illustrations . 4 16oz bottles of Substrate Sauce from @hydrospace_llc to promote rapid nitrogen cycling, reduce the...
  8. Sleeping Giant

    Green Hair Algae

    If you do have or did have GHA, do you prefer a natural way of removing it with a clean up crew and manual removal by hand and suchion. Or do you prefer to use chemicals?
  9. Sleeping Giant

    Qt to display

    So today was day 12 of no signs of ICH, so I made the big jump and double transferred from my qt, copper treated tank to my display tank, and now in tanklimate for 2-3 days. I've never done quarantine or used the tanklimate, hopefully I did all I can to have a safe environment for all the fish.
  10. AlgaeBarn

    Trick or Treat 2019!

    Win a contest that spans across 6 incredible Vendors, $1500 worth of rock, livestock, and more... NOW with a Secret Bonus vendor not mentioned ANYWHERE ELSE but here on R2R! Click the image or visit this link for more info!
  11. AlgaeBarn


    Time to Win big with AlgaeBarn! Like - Share - Comment - WIN! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED Like - Share - Comment - WIN! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED!
  12. uniquecorals

    WIN BIG! Enter to win this WYSIWYG Fluted Moon Coral

    Join in the fun! UC's barabattoia amicorum Give Away! Starting now. aka the Fluted Moon Coral Barabattoia WIN this beautiful WYSIWYG specimen by signing up here: Here's the Reefbuilders article on this special coral...
  13. The Waterbox Giveaway!

    The Waterbox Giveaway!

    The Waterbox Platinum Reef 70.2 Giveaway! Sponsored by ONE (1) winner will be randomly selected on or about November 27, 2018, to receive a NEW Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquarium 70.2 ($1400 VALUE) Waterbox Platinum™ Reef Aquariums provide...
  14. Seahorsekelly69

    DIY Contest! Share your coolest DIY project!

    Anything aquarium related works! I will check in R2R for any posts titled "Seahorse Whisperer DIY Contest" also, so uploading here works too. $40 gift card to the video that gets the most likes (cross-media likes not counted). I'll announce the winner live on June 19th, but the real point is...
  15. Bulk Reef Supply

    LAST CHANCE; Win a Kessil H380

    If you have yet to enter, it's time to get your name in the running! Contest Ends 1/26 @ 7:00 AM CST with a new prize coming out on Friday :)
  16. uniquecorals

    Counting Down to MACNA 2017 in the Big Easy! Win $500!

    Very pumped to see everyone in just a few days! WIN a $500 UC Gift Card! Come by the booth and enter, booth #166. All of these goodies are coming to Macna. Be sure to stop by our Unique Corals booth to check them out and say hello! We will have #Triton, #Paxbellum, #DaStaCo, #MarcoRocks...
  17. coralfish12g

    CoralFish12g FREE GIVEAWAY: 10 Gallon Tank, Clownfish Pair + Supplies

    I'M GIVING AWAY: a pair of designer clownfish with a fish tank and a bunch of aquarium supplies on my YouTube channel CoralFish12g! TO ENTER: 1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel 2. Comment on my newest video describing the contest - LINK BELOW GIVEAWAY VIDEO &...
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