cycling a tank

  1. JSkeleton

    Need Cycling Help/Clarification (Will Post Updates In This Thread)

    I apologize for all the cycling questions and threads, I will just update this one from here on out and lay out the entire information below. As of today though (September 3) I've had 0 Ammonia for a few days and stuck at around 5.0 Nitrites for like a week and unsure what to do as it seems I...
  2. P

    Nitrites and Nitrates way too high during cycle?

    Hello all, I finally set up my 180L (47.5 G) DT a few days before my clownfish finished their QT (30days of cuppramine and 1 week of Prazi. They didn't have anything but I did it just as a preventative measure) and once I put my water, dry rock, sand and filter running, I added a bottle of Fritz...