diatom vs dino

  1. Nick_Turbo

    Need help positively identifying this growth

    So, no matter what I do, I keep having this reddish/brown coating come back again and again. The system itself has been up and running for 16 months, and I transferred it from a 60-gallon tank to a WaterBox Marine X 110.4 in August of this year. I've tried vacuuming the film off of the sand...
  2. C

    EMERGENCY Crazy Algae Issues! Please help!!

    Hi all, hopefully you can help me!! I have a 24 gallon AIO waterbox peninsula, roughly 8 months old. I have been battling algae for the last 4-5 months. I believe its a combination of diatom, dinos and maybe cyano? the algae doesn’t completely disappear at night, but does reduce slightly. If...