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    Dinos Exploding in Reef Tank

    Hi everyone! I am looking for some help to eliminate or at least cut back the Dino problem in my tank. A little background, I have a 15 gallon nano reef that is around 8 months old. I am running an AI prime as the light, no skimmer, and a fluvial UV sterilizer in line with a Oaze 30 gallon...
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    Dinos with high nutrients

    Specs: Age: 4.5 months Size: 75DT, Trigger 36 sump, 85-90 gal total Red Sea Test kit Sal: 1.024 No3: 20ppm P04: .2 KH: 11.2 Ca: 420 Mg:1480 At 1.5 months I had a dino outbreak. I had goose eggs for N03 and P04. Tried upping the feeding over 2 weeks with no improvement. I also tried dinox, waste...
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    Adding Fish/coral with active Dino outbreak

    Hi all, just a post as I can’t find much on it online. Is it possible to add new fish or corals to a tank that has a Dino outbreak? just curious thanks
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    Keith from the 3 Glass Walls series shares with us his dinoflagellates outbreak along with his plan of attack for their removal. Join in and learn about how you can kick those pesky Dino's. Shop the Marine Depot website to get the resources you need to eradicate Dinoflagellates.
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