1. A

    Connecticut New Jersey New York SOLD Neptune DOS - clean, working, connectors upgraded to murloks. Shipping Available - $250

    Neptune DOS - clean, working, connectors upgraded to murloks. Shipping Available - $250
  2. action21

    Wisconsin Dosing Drygoods Neptune DOS will ship

    Have 3 only using 2 DOS. This was rarely used at all and is like new. One side dosed Iodine only. Will ship only to US.
  3. Noinoi24

    New Jersey Dosing Drygoods Neptune Apex DOS

    Hi, Got this used from my brother, was planning to do Auto Water Changer for my system but decided not to. Comes with USB and Power Cable. $200 plus shipping. ***disclaimer: my brother has roaches infestation in their home when he had it, some went inside and died in there, I can’t open to...

    California Package Deal Drygoods NEPTUNE GEAR

    Hello, I had a catastrophic failure and we have decided to wait to rebuild so I'm selling everything off. Price includes shipping. To lower 48 2 reefbreeder photon v2 50 pro lights $ 1350 pair or $700 each Apex controller temp, salinity, ph, and orp probs. $400------ sold 1 PMK...
  5. Jon's Reef

    Wisconsin Aquarium Controller Drygoods SOLD Apex Gear (EB832, GRO, DOS, Trident, WXM, COR-20, Reef Brite Control)

    I have a bunch of APEX gear. Everything works, just cleaning out the fish room. Prices include shipping to lower 48. Details by the pics. If it is in the pic, it is included. If it is not in the pic, I do not have it. COR-20: $225 SOLD WXM: $60 SOLD Trident: $375 SOLD DOS (Feb 20): $200 SOLD...
  6. EagleEye121

    Massachusetts Rhode Island Dosing SOLD Lightly used Neptune DOS

    $230 shipped to lower 48 Lightly used DOS for sale. Used for 6 months dosing about 10mL a day on each head. Includes aquabus cable. **does not include power supply**
  7. fmf_21

    Mississippi Miscellaneous Drygoods Neptune Apex System part out. REDUCED !!!

    Please feel free to ask any questions Thanks for looking
  8. ycnibrc

    California Aquarium Controller Drygoods Apex neptune and accessories

    Apex system 9 months old 500$ Labor day sale 450$ SOLD Dos 185$ SOLD AFS 80$ Display 80$ Leak detection 100$ SOLD Free shipping
  9. cmoore806

    Testing Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Everything must go

    SALE Everything must go. Most is about 1 year old unless indicated in my listing: PayPal you pay their fees. Shipping you pay actual cost. Please PM for any questions. Local pickup gets discount. No trades. 9/1/2022 at 1100 I updated photos and listing to reflect what remains. 2)...
  10. headonkey

    Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods SOLD SOLD Neptune Apex DOS & DDR

    Selling my Neptune Apex DOS & DDR. Everything works great. Includes two new dosing heads. $325 plus $15 to ship
  11. blstravler

    New Jersey Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods Large Neptune Apex EL Bundle.

    Selling a large APEX Bundle price is $850 firm - PAYPAL payment only - buyer pays shipping. The bundle includes the following - Apex El with Temp and PH Probe (PH will be shipped wet) (2) - EB8 Energy Bars DOS & DDR - comes with power cord (does not include one link cable) PM1 - with ORP Probe...
  12. headonkey

    Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods SOLD SOLD Neptune Apex DDR

    Neptune Apex DDR Dual Dosing Reservoir. In great shape. One of the optical sensors has been replaced. Everything works. $160 CONUS
  13. S

    California Dosing Drygoods SOLD Neptune Apex Dos

    Selling my Dos pumps. It’s been sitting in the box on a shelf for about a year and a half now since I switched over to the versa system. This Dos works perfectly and is in great shape. $215 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Note - I don’t use PP anymore. Zelle or Venmo preferred.
  14. Ryan1277

    Georgia Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods Apex system with DOS

    I have a Apex system except salinity probe, less then 2 months of use. Moving had to break system down. I paid $775 from brs on 5/30/2022 can provide receipt. plus I’m throwing in a DOS for a total of $650.00 plus shipping of 30.00 I bought DOS from an Atlanta reef club member who used barely...
  15. cryotek74

    Kentucky WTB WTB- Neptune Trident and DoS

    Looking for a Neptune Trident and DoS. Depending on location/price would pay for shipping. I'm in Western KY.
  16. I

    Lighting LED Drygoods NEPTUNE SKY a few months used with uncut hanging kit and original packaging like new $699 obo - other items doss/ddr, swabbie, wav

    I will get some pictures up later. It will come in original box and bag with hanging kit which hasn't been cut. I have used for a few months maybe. I can produce receipt from BRS. I want to try something else. I am also selling a DOS/DDR with similar use and with original packaging and can...
  17. I

    Missouri Dosing Drygoods DOS/DDR 3 months used

    See new thread
  18. certain_code

    Misc. Pumps Dosing SOLD Neptune DoS

    Hello! I have a gently used Neptune DoS that I am selling now that I have swapped it for Versa pumps. The Dos has a manufactured date of "Nov 21" and was purchased on Jan 31st, 2022 from BRS. The DoS was in use for 4 months and ran only at its slowest setting to reduce noise level and extend...
  19. K

    Lighting Dosing Drygoods Assortment of brand new in box Neptune products for sale. shipping available

    I have 2 Neptune DOS pumps brand new in box selling for $250 each and I also have 2 brand new SKY LEDs asking for $800 each. I will post pictures once I get off of work. I will pay shipping anywhere in the Continental US.
  20. psumms

    Does a Neptune DOS profile disable the Schedule

    Am I correct in thinking that setting a Neptune DOS profile through advanced settings on the DOS means the set schedule will not run? I can't see any other way to remove the interval. Screenshots attached.
  21. D

    California Aquarium Controller Drygoods Apex Dosing Package

    Posting it for another reefer. Want to sell it as a pair. Practically brand new used under a year. $375 for each combo. Shipping available at buyers cost. Text (805) 701-1682. Two pairs available
  22. K

    Michigan Aquarium Controller Dosing Drygoods Neptune Apex Bundle - Michigan - Will Ship $50

    I've moved and new house is very old cant support a red sea 525XL. I sold the tank but buyer already had an apex. Im offering the following bundle all together for $1400. was used for less than 1 year. will ship Apex Controller System EL x 1 Neptune DOS x 2 Neptune Trident x 1 EB832 x 2 DDR Dos...
  23. L

    Ohio Aquarium Controller Drygoods Neptune equipment apex, trident, dos

    Hello have a few items for sale. Prices are shipped. Will discount for local pickup. unopened Neptune ATK 190 Everything else is used. Trident 550 Apex el and eb832 400 Apex gold with probes and eb832 600 Neptune Dos 225 1 fmm modules 60 Cor 15. 220 Ddr. 150 Eb832. 200 each. Sold...
  24. Apex DOS

    For sale Utah Apex DOS

    Brought a month ago brand new used for about a week. I have another one so no longer need this one. Shipping available in CONOS at buyers cost
  25. Apex Controller System and Accessories, Ectotech, Carbon Doser

    For sale Texas Apex Controller System and Accessories, Ectotech, Carbon Doser

    I'm selling what I have left from my 2 tanks teared down. Shipping are included in the price. Apex Controller System (EB832,brain,probes, calibration solution).....$550 Apex Controller System (EB832,probes,brain,calibration solution) (1 USB port is missing, missing gray bracket).....$450 Apex...
    $15.00 to $550.00
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