dose pump

  1. nthanhalan

    Texas Lighting Drygoods Reef Brite and Extra equipments

    4x Reef Brite xho Actinic Blue (24 inches) with dimmer (2x), mounting bracket and muti-lines power connector (2x)......$100 each light 2x Phosban Reactor 150..... $25 each 2x Kamoer X1 pump (Bridge w/ power adapter)... $50 for both 1x Aquamaxx Fluidized GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor w/...
  2. H

    4 part doser milage

    Hello, i'm setting up a 20 gallon reef, and have a 4 part doser on the way. what are the best 4 additives to add in your opinion? I have reef fusion one and two (Seachem has yet to disappoint). Are there dosable coral foods? Any additives that you swear by?
  3. CreatiVe2

    Misc. Pumps Dosing Drygoods BRS 2 Part 1.1ml per minute Doser

    3x 2x Bulk Reef Supply dosers with one extra tube. Recently calibrated and labeled. $60 for two + tube Or $30 each (2 Left) $10 for tube +Shipping
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