dragon slayer

  1. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods STICKS for sale! Home Wrecker, Cherry Bomb, Dragon Slayer and More!

    I have some very beautiful frags for sale. I have the standard DOA policy. In the event that you have a DOA you will need to send me a pic of the dead coral in the sealed bag for a replacement or a refund. I will only refund if I can’t replace the coral. Shipping should be $50 to most places but...
  2. Jesmann

    New Hampshire Live Goods Tons of Zoas!

    Minimum order $150 Shipping will be $50 Free shipping over $400 Pictures of racks are posted with a letter at the top of the row, I will lable what they are & numbered going down A1 sidewinder $90 A2 Rainbow Hornet $50 A3 Rainbow Incinerator $30 A4 AOI $40 A5 Charmander $40 A6 Pikachu $100...
  3. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods Home Wrecker, Cherry Bomb, Pink Passion, Bill Murray

    Beautiful acros all cut and healed for at least a month, longer for some. Standard DOA policy applies. Pics of coral dead in the bag within 2 hours of delivery. I will ship UPS for $50 and if you prefer Fed Ex it’s gonna be $90 for shipping. I can only ship Monday-Wednesday. I am not responsible...