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    California Live Goods [Bay Area] Corals Rehome (Master Button, Dragon Soul Torch, Bounce)

    LOCATION: DALY CITY PICK UP Will be heading to CFM Sat morning Indonesian Dragon Soul Torch (Purchased from Aquatic Collection) $100 - 1 Head Master Button Scoly (Quarter size) Asking:$200 Colors: Green. Yellow, Orange, Red, white, purple ring Australian Duncan: MULTIPLE HEADS DEALS $30-60...
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    Torch Not Looking Hot

    Recently notices this today! It looks like the torch is shrinking. Little worried! Parameters- Alk-10 Cal-465 Mag-1300 Pho-.02 Nitrate-5 Salinity- 1.025 Flow was hitting it pretty rough, so I moved it a bit. Hopefully that'll help. Would flow make it recede like that?
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    New Jersey Livestock Trade One head Dragon soul torch for SPS

    Let me know what you got
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