dry goods

  1. J

    Michigan ATO Drygoods SOLD Brand new Red Sea ReefATO+

    Brand new Red Sea ReefATO+ $150 shipped
  2. C

    Colorado Aquariums Package Deal Drygoods Gorgeous Red Sea Reefer 625 G2 complete set up: Includes all fish, coral, wifi-enabled equipment, and supplies!

    Located in the Denver, CO area for local pickup! We are only interested in selling the full bundle. Selling our beautiful, fully-stocked, top of the line, Red Sea Reefer 625 G2 (164 gallons) saltwater reef aquarium and all its supplies. Only selling because we are moving, and sadly we cannot...
  3. C

    Maryland Washington, D.C. Drygoods Unique: Custom Embroidered Coral Throw Pillow Cases

    Pick up in Rockville or Frederick Maryland Hand made embroidered pillow cases, awesome decor as stand alone or for a reef, beach, ocean theme. Paid a bit over $120 for these a couple years back. $58 for the set:15x15" will only sell as a set of 4 Cash/PayPal/Venmo Would be open to...
  4. James Emory

    Drygoods SPONSOR Orphek Atlantik Icon Compacts NIB for sale

    I have two Atlantik Icon Compacts in my local stock. The price is 650.00 each with free shipping. Immediate shipping by insured UPS as soon as payment is received. Follow the link below to learn more about this fantastic product. This includes a one year manufacturers warranty...
  5. Tuan’s Reef

    Apex EL

    Comes with everything the APEX EL comes with. in use for 2 years . $275
  6. Tuan’s Reef

    Sold sold sold Kessil A360X , Wifi Dongle, Goose neck mount , 1 year of use. Excellent condition

    Kessil A360X , Wifi Dongle, Goose neck mount , 1 year of use. Excellent condition. Pics tell the story
  7. jhrightyhein

    Pennsylvania Filters Drygoods SOLD 7" Di-7 Drop-In Fleece Filter System V2 SOLD

    7" Klir Fleece Filter roller. In excellent condition. Used one year decided to go a different route for filtration of bigger system. Comes with all parts and brand new fleece roll. $180 Shipped.
  8. RSNJReef

    2x AI Prime 16HDs with mounts

    Hey All, I have two AI Prime 16HDs for sale with the rigid mounts. These were used for around 2 years over my 55 gallon and then put into storage after upgrading my lights. The lights were never run over 60% for more than an hour in total over the 2 years of use. Over the last 6 months of use...
  9. RSNJReef

    Aquamaxx Cones Q-3 Protein Skimmer

    Up for sale is an Aquamaxx ConeS Q-3 protein skimmer. I had purchased this unit a while back for a 220 gallon system I had, and frankly the tank bioload was never heavy enough for the skimmer to pull out much. It works well, but this is definitely more ideal for a 300-500 gallon tank. I ran this...
  10. shakacuz

    SELLING DRYGOODS (brightwell, maxspect, orphek, & others)

    for sale i have: maxspect 3-in-1 frag rack: 40$ orphek double flashlight bundle (1 blue light, 1 white light. only 1 comes with batteries as i always would swap them when using.): 20$ for the set some dosing stuff that i have that are extra...(i am now only ussing potassium chloride, so don't...
  11. M

    Florida Lighting Drygoods Kessil H160 Tuna Flora - $150 Shipped

    Purchased from another reefer on R2R, used for only 2 months by me.
  12. reef_ranch

    California Lighting Drygoods xr15 g4 pro (5)

    Selling (5) xr15 g4 pros with RMS mounts and diffusers. All in excellent condition. All mobuis ready. $225 each plus shipping. 5 ea. shipped CONUS
  13. rickster


    SOLD... REEF FACTORY DOSING PUMP x4 wi-Fi controllable with extra mounting brackets Dosing pump X4 – modern technology and user-friendly management. Build quality, modern technology and reliable dosing solutions Technical specifications: Recommended single dose: 0.3 ml Remote management...
  14. InterstateCorals

    New Jersey Lighting LED Drygoods Used 60" Blue XHO LED Strip Light $290

    Selling used 60" Blue XHO LED Strip Light runs like new. Pick up only in central new jersey thanks! Here is link to exact item jut scroll down to 60" option...
  15. pap2

    Pennsylvania Dosing Drygoods $6.00 each

    I have 11/1lb bags of BRS Calcium Chloride & 10/ 1lb bags of BRS Soda ash for sale never opened. shipping avail @ buyers cost thru PayPal only.
  16. Salty_Northerner

    Canada International Lighting Drygoods Radeon XR15 G6 Blue

    YES I have read the terms and agree to them. CANADA and US only, free shipping in Canada. Shipping to the US I'll split the cost with the buyer. Brand new, date of manufacture is May 22, 2023 Ecotech Radeon XR15 G6 Blue with RMS mounting system and will include the full coverage visor. THIS IS...
  17. ReeferB28

    Maryland Washington, D.C. Skimmers Drygoods Barely used Eshopps X-350 Skimmer 4th gen $150 shipped

    I have a barely used Axium X-350 skimmer available. $150 shipped takes it. Feel free to look up my seller reviews, have been selling on here for a long time. Thanks!
  18. Darwin

    New York Testing Drygoods Hanna Salinity Tester, Alk Checker, Phosphate ULR Checker

    *Shipping included in price* Thank you for looking Salinity Tester- $50 needs calibration Alkalinity Checker- $40 Plenty of reagent left Phosphate Checker ULR- $40 new box of reagent
  19. T

    USA WTB Arid pax Pellum c30 or c36

    Looking to buy a c30 or 36. I have several smaller algae reactors if anyone is looking to downsize that I could throw in to cut off the price a little. I'm open to trading any of my other equipment in the deal as well.
  20. cally2k

    Virginia Lighting Drygoods Kessil A80 Tuna Blue

    Have Kessil A80 only used for 6 months no mount just light and stand $70 w shipping.
  21. Baka Mop

    Dosing Drygoods SOLD Apex DOS, PM2, LD-3 Leak Sensor

    DOS - SOLD PM2 w/ Aquabus cable - SOLD Leak Sensor - SOLD Cat not included
  22. K

    Oregon Skimmers Drygoods NIB Red Sea Reefer Skimmer 300

    Looking to sell a new skimmer. Asking $250, and I'll split shipping. Thanks
  23. zukihara

    Tennessee Package Deal Drygoods SOLD WTS 2x XR15 Blue Radion New In Box Gen 5

    WTS 2x XR15 Blue Radion New In Box Gen 5 both $750 Located in Springfield, TN will ship for $25 additional.
  24. Projects with Sam

    May Giveaway at ParlAquatics

    Hi All! I'll be giving away a new, signed Kalkwasser Stirrer to a ParlAquatics Subscriber in June. To be eligible to win, follow the following steps: 1) Subscribe to product announcements at the bottom of the page at https://parlaquatics.com/ 2) Subscribe to Random Projects With Sam on...
  25. B

    T5 Chillers Drygoods Chiller, ATI T5

    I have a used AquaEuro USA 1/2 hp chiller for sale-SOLD Used 48 inch ATI T5 8 bulb dimmable-$100.00 Used 48 inch ATI T5 8 bulb dimmable-$100.00 Your Choice Aquatics DC25 protein skimmer rated up to 800 gallons-SOLD Your Choice Aquatics DC13 protein skimmer rated up to 150 gallons-SOLD...