1. Tuan’s Reef

    North Dakota Filters Drygoods 2 Phosban 150 's SOLD SOLD

    2 Little Fishes phosban 150 $45 shipped for both
  2. Tuan’s Reef

    North Dakota Dosing Drygoods 3 dosing containers $75

    3 dosing containers $75
  3. Tuan’s Reef

    North Dakota Powerheads Drygoods Hygger Mini Wavemaker $SOLD

  4. Tuan’s Reef

    Trident + 4 months of ABC reagents $150 shipped

    I sold this Trident on here and the buyer decided to take the unit apart and send it back to me. I am selling it as is . No returns . I dont know if all pieces are there and if working or not. This unit was working perfectly when i had it. It comes with brand new 4 months of ABC reagents...
  5. Tuan’s Reef

    Pumps, Tunze ATO

    Danner Mag 3 pump $50 shipped Syncra 1.0 return pump $35 shipped Tunze 3155 ATO - $90 shipped
  6. T

    New Jersey SOLD Tunze 9004 DC Skimmer

    I have a Tunze 9004 Skimmer with cleaning brush asking $162.00 Includes shipping. Also have Co2 Scrubber top for this $10 extra for that.
  7. Tuan’s Reef

    2 Inkbird's temp controllers. 1 wifi , 1 not

    both work as they should. 1 is wifi , the other is not. $45 shipped for both
  8. Tuan’s Reef

    North Dakota Drygoods SOLD Jebao dcw 1500 return pump SOLD

    Works great . $35
  9. Tuan’s Reef

    Apex EL complete $275

    Pics tell story. used for 2 years without any issues. $275
  10. Tuan’s Reef

    MP10 wqd Mobius ready SOLD

    This is my last one. Pics tell story. $195 shipped works perfectly last in use.
  11. Tuan’s Reef

    Sold sold EcoTech Marine Vectra S2 - Mobius Ready DC Return Pump (1400 GPH) sold

    Pics tell story. $250 plus shipping. Best pump i've ever had the pleasure.
  12. Tuan’s Reef

    SOLD SOLD Innovative Marine Helio PTC Smart Titanium Heating System ALL SOLD SOLD

    Innovative Marine Helio PTC Smart Titanium Heating System I have 2 of these. One is a dual 100watt and the other is the 100watt single. The 200w i used on my Red Sea 200XL and the 100watt i used it on my Fusion 15. Both was working like a champ when they were in use. $100 for the...
  13. Tuan’s Reef

    SOLD SOLD SOLD MP10 wqd Mobius ready with extra wet side SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Used for about 5-6 years . works great with no noises. comes with extra wet side. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  14. Tuan’s Reef

    Sold Aqua UV sterilizer 15 watt classic

    Aqua UV sterilizer 15 watt classic (black) - Used for 18 months. Sold
  15. Tuan’s Reef

    Tunze Eco Chic Waterproof Refugium LED Light 8831.00 $50 shipped

    great condition. $60 shipped
  16. Tuan’s Reef

    SOLD SOLD Prime 16 LED Fuge Light - Black Body SOLD SOLD

    AI Prime fuge light. Comes with 3D printed shroud and mount. SOLD
  17. Tuan’s Reef

    Sold locally Red Sea 200XL G2 Clearview Lid $100

    Exiting the hobby. I have this Clearview Lid i bought for my Red Sea 200XL G2 in excellent shape. $100 plus shipping
  18. Tuan’s Reef

    Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Blue used

    Ecotech Radion XR30 G5 Blue used. Used for 2 years. I also have the RMS mount for $65 extra. Comes with diffuser. $sold
  19. Tuan’s Reef

    Ecotech MP10's 3 total Mobius ready

    no boxes unfortunately. 1 of them i bought brand new 2 years ago. 2 others is 5 or 6 years old. They all work perfectly and does not make any weird noises. Mobius ready. It comes with 2 additional wet sides ....in excellent condition . They are still doing their thing on my...
  20. Tuan’s Reef

    SOLD Apex automatic feeder SOLD

  21. Tuan’s Reef

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hanna Phosphate ULR, Hanna ALK DKH , Hanna Nitrate HR, Magnetic stirrer for the testers , tray excellent kit

    Leaving hobby for good this time. Hanna Phosphate ULR, Hanna ALK DKH , Hanna Nitrate , Magnetic stirrer for the testers , tray excellent kit SOLD SOLD SOLD
  22. Tuan’s Reef

    Apex PM1 Module

    PM1 in excellent condition
  23. Tuan’s Reef

    Kessil A360X used for 2 weeks SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Kessil A360X used for 2 weeks
  24. Tuan’s Reef

    Ecotech Versa Dosing pumps 4 total ALL SOLD

    All sold excellent condition.
  25. W

    Florida Lighting LED Drygoods AI Hydra 26 HD and T5 Hybrid - Will ship Hydra 26 HD but not the T5 fixture

    Selling my 4 AI Aqua Illumination HD and 61" T5 Hybrid LED T5 lighting system. Comes with 4 ATI Blue Plus bulbs. All mounting hardware included. I am looked in Miami, FL and available for local pick up. I am asking for $800 for everything but willing to sell individually. Each AI Hydra 26s $180