1. obrew9

    ISO shark egg

    I have been looking everywhere for banded cat shark eggs. Drove two hours to a store today to find out they had just sold the only one they had. I have looked on dozens of websites I found on Reef2Reef and no luck. Everywhere seems to be out of stock. I wasn’t sure if anyone would know of any...
  2. C

    Help ID eggs on Glass

    Hi there, We just got a saltwater tank a few months ago. It is up and running with fish now and we noticed these weird eggs on the glass. I scrubbed them off but they keep coming back. Are they a parasite? Or some type of snail egg? A small baby snail has been found so it is possible some snails...
  3. Perpetual Novice

    Adding unhatched brine shrimp eggs to aquarium. What would happen?

    Everything says to hatch the eggs first then add the live brine a little at a time as food. But what if I want a constant food supply for picky fish. Can I add eggs directly to the tank so they can pick them off as they hatch? I’m thinking of wrasses and filefish in particular.
  4. BloopFish

    Weird Egg with flagellum? Polyp? Coral or crab eggs?

    Hey guys, I found some weird purple egg looking things floating around - I've never seen something like this. This occurred at night around 12:00 am. I recently did a large water change after a 2 week leave, so I am guessing that's what triggered it. I have many things that it might be from... I...
  5. Zach Sonker

    What type of (snail) eggs are these!

    Hi. I have a 13.5 fluval saltwater kit. In it is 4 hermit crabs, a big turbo snail, and zoanthids, 1 candy coral, 1 brain coral, and 1 Lord. And 3 snails that are in my sand and only come out for food... idk the type they are so picture is included of the eggs and the snails. Also, I treated my...