elos 70

  1. AceShadow_Reefer

    Build Thread A Modern Take on an Italian Classic: ELOS Pool 70 Reef Tank Build

    Welcome to my Build Thread! Follow me on Instagram @pnwreefing and send me a PM if you like my work! Some Background: I first became a reefer when I picked up a used 16 gallon Coralife Biocube for 20 bucks back in March 2020, right on the verge of the pandemic. I bought some CaribSea Live...
  2. Rams

    New Jersey New York Elos 70,Radeon g5 blue,tank break down

    Going for bigger tank so selling this baby 1. Elos 70 tank and stand(stand hinges are lose,you might need new ones if you want) 2. Trigger systems sump 3. Radeon g5 blue,3 months old comes with box. Asking 1600$ as package,will throw reactors and some extra stuff if you want.
  3. Rams

    Build Thread Elos 70 SPS dominant tank

    Got this beautiful Elos from fellow reefer and going to setup SPS dominant reef in this baby Equipment : Elos 70 tank and stand Cobalt and Eheim heaters Eco tech MP40 Eco tech radion G5 XR30 blue(may upgrade to hybrid in future) Trigger systems 24 Sump Eco tech L2 return pump Apex EL Icecap...
  4. shawnriv

    Rhode Island WTB: Elos 70 Tank w/Stand

    hello, I am looking for an Elos 70 aquarium and stand. Willing to drive a couple of hours. Thank you!
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