1. H

    Cultivating Phytoplankton (1st time)

    Hi everyone, I know there are multiple threads on cultivating phytoplankton however I wanted to create my own so I can document along with receive guidance on my journey! Please provide advice if you have experience because I would love to improve my current process! If there is anything you...
  2. H

    Salt Water for your garden

    Anyone ever test their salt water diluted in their garden? I know of many plants that are in constant need of the same nutrients that is in the water we have left over from the changes.
  3. reefsaver

    Culturing Phytoplankton Without F2 Fertilizer

    I have decided to remake this thread because answers to this will help reefers all over the world: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/culturing-phytoplankton-without-fertilizer.767227/ Guillards F2 Fertilizer is American made. Which means anyone outside of America has to import it. I have been...
  4. E

    Idaho Fresh LIVE Phyto 8-Species Blend – FREE SHIPPING

    Fresh LIVE Phyto 8-Species Blend – FREE SHIPPING Satisfaction Guaranteed - If there are any problems (including shipping) just let me know and I will make it right. Harvested fresh on Monday evening and shipped out priority mail on Tuesday. Edit: 10% DISCOUNT FOR SUBSCRIPTIONS (You choose the...
  5. Lillmoya

    36-0-6 Miracle Gro

    The only true complaint I’ve heard over using Miracle Gro (other than dosing debates) are the concerns about phosphates. It appears this fert is not well known in the hobby. Miracle Gro Water Soluble Lawn Food It’s specs are 36-0-6. 36 nitrogen - 0 phosphorous - 6 potash Aka 0 phosphates...
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