1. L

    Pennsylvania Part out items left

    Have some stuff for sale: Reeflink $60 Mag float medium $10 Aqua auto feeder (unopened) $10 Finnex digital controller & 300w heater $50 Hydrofill ATO $40 Jecod DCT8000 $75 55g reef ready tank,sump & plumbing $100 OBO - Custom installed overflow (not home made). Tank has scratches. Some...
  2. JSpen

    Michigan New and used equipment

    -New synergy shadow overflow ($140) -New finnex heater and controller ($90) -Used reef octopus calcium reactor with Milwaukee ph controller ($120) - Used yourchoice aquatics dc pink skimmer rated up to 500 gallons ( $200) -Used brs dual media reactor with mj pump ($40) You pay shipping.
  3. MarineDepot

    You asked for them—now they’re here: Finnex Titanium Heaters!

    You asked for them—now they’re here: Finnex Titanium Heaters! PLUS: New Sunpole Magnus DC Controllable Pumps and Waterbox Aquariums Birthday Sale!
  4. N

    Finnex HC-810M Help

    Looking for some help. Came up with nothing from searching the internet and I am currently awaiting a response from Finnex but does anyone know if the HC-0810M controller be calibrated? Mine is displaying two degrees high (verified with four thermometers) and would like to adjust it. Thanks!
  5. sfgabe

    Reef-pi + Home Assistant Build

    I control my 2 small aquariums (one 40 gal fresh, one 15 gal nano reef) with a combination of Home Assistant (which also takes care of my apartment), Reef-Pi, and Motioneye. I wanted the tanks to mirror specific locations as much as possible. For example, I’m querying various sites to get daily...
  6. gilman

    40 breeder build .

    So after taking a few years off from the hobby Ive decided to jump back in . This time around Im going small and building a 40 breeder mixed reef . Im going all out on this one and starting with everything brand new . The tank is a standard aqueon 40b I drilled for a eshoppes M internal...