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  1. buckeye82

    Indiana Frag Rack Clear Out SPS Pack

    Hello, I have a pack of SPS up for grabs. Looking to clear some space. LEFT TO RIGHT -Sexy Corals Orange Passion -Cali Tort -Tyree Pink Lemonade -WWC Yoda -Miyagi Tort $250 shipped
  2. Jaam

    Florida 220g reef tank FS south florida

    My 220 is up for sale. Tank is running and thriving. Tank/Stand Dimensions and size: 72"x36”x24in tank only vectra M1 Silent pump sump trigger systems 39 skimmer regal ss 200 All fish and corals included Filtration: 39 Gal Refugium Setup with 3 chambers by TRIGGER Sytems ( trigger...
  3. Jaam

    Florida 220g reef tank FS south florida

    My 220 is up for sale. Tank is running and thriving. Tank/Stand Dimensions and size: 72"x36”x24in tank only vectra M1 Silent pump sump trigger systems 39 skimmer regal ss 200 All fish and corals included Filtration: 39 Gal Refugium Setup with 3 chambers by TRIGGER Sytems ( trigger...
  4. Joe Knows Reefs

    10% OFF AND New WYSIWYG at

    Happy 4th of July to everyone out there! We hope you are able to enjoy the day SAFELY with family and friends. In the meantime, we have added a new round of WYSIWYG AND are offering 10% OFF SITEWIDE through tomorrow! Use coupon code: 10JULY2019 CLICK HERE FOR NEW ARRIVALS A few...
  5. Joe Knows Reefs

    Over 65 NEW WYSIWYG Just Posted at

    A fresh new round of over 65 WYSIWYG just posted up. A nice selection of zoas, LPS and SPS!!!
  6. Soakem

    Oregon 2 Aqamai KPS powerheads - $135

    Up for sale I have 2 KPS powerheads that Ive been using for the last 9 months on my 45 gal. I’ve finally upgraded to a gyre and have no use for these two pumps. These little pumps are sweet and I’ve never had an issue with either. As seen in the last picture the cage is broken on one of the...
  7. J

    Florida SOLD Neptune Apex 5 light LSM Module $30 or trade

    Sold This module is fully functioning and looks great. I'm selling because I purchased a new light that has built in moonlights. Willing to trade for a WXM module or coral. Actual shipping price will be added to the total. I'm located in Pensacola, FL.
  8. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Chaos Fire in the Hole

    SHOP WYSIWYG Softies LPS We are updating the website almost daily. Click the photos or links to be directed. At Chaos Aquaculture, we are swinging for the fences. Go big or go home. A warehouse full of 8ft raceways fully powered by Ecotech Marine and Vertex ensures we have the equipment...
  9. Joshua Mummery

    Arizona Apex classic

    Comes with extra eb8 power strip ,ph probe (still in water), and temp probe $300 shipped
  10. TaylorJames

    California 2 Kessil AP700 w/ Mounts

    Two brand new Kessil AP700 lights, open box but never used. - $675/ea Each light will come with mounts. The mounts are used but still work great. Also open to trade for Radion XR30/XR15 G4 Pro or a nice DSLR Camera Willing to ship but I would like to deal locally if possible. Let me know if...
  11. Prime Coral

    WYSIWYG Variety Frag Pack 1

    WYSIWYG Variety Frag Pack 1 - $599 12 intermediate level coral frags from Prime Coral Farm including the following as pictured: Prime Coral Rainbow Leptastrea Prime Coral Rainbow Orgy Favia Prime Coral Roz’s Lips Goniopora WWC Bizzaro Chyphastrea Prime Coral Seppuku Chalice...
  12. Iona Skye

    California Full 200gal setup with chiller. Must sell quickly to move. Los Angeles/Long Beach

    Hello everyone, $2000 for everything altogether. Here's a breakdown, in no particular order: 200gal tank, black background with built in overflow, 96" long, 25" tall, 20" deep Stand, needs some repair & cleaning Bubble Magus, curve 7 skimmer Refugium, Eshopps, 36" long, 16" tall, 16" deep...
  13. AquariumSpecialtyMatt

    High End/Collector Yuma's

    We recently received a small shipment of some high quality Ricordea Yuma's. Follow the link if interested. All WYSIWYG
  14. Pacific Island Aquatics

    4.5 inch Bandit Angelfish for sale

    WYSIWYG 4.5 inch Bandit Angelfish for sale. Conditioned and eating. $1500. DM us or text/call (541)740-3046
  15. JSpen

    Frags in or near fort Myers.

    on spring break in fort Myers. Looking to take some frags home to Michigan. Looking for mainly sps. Willing to travel as well. Would need to pick up Monday morning or Sunday night. Thank you.
  16. JSpen

    Florida Frags in fort Myers

    On spring break in fort Myers, anyone have frags available in the area. Looking for mainly sps. Would like to pick up Sunday or Monday or morning before flying out.
  17. nautical_nathaniel

    Florida Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer Desktop

    I have for sale an Innovative Marine Ghost Skimmer, Desktop Size. It was used for maybe a year or so before I replaced it with another skimmer. Since then it was cleaned and placed in dry storage. The pump still works great. It is missing the little air valve that was on the side of the skimmer...
  18. nautical_nathaniel

    Florida Icecap Gyre 1K (barely used)

    I have for sale a slightly used Icecap 1K Gyre Pump. I used it for less than 2 months on my Nuvo 20 in single side configuration at 10% and felt like it was still too strong for my tank. I have cleaned it in vinegar it looks basically brand new aside from some water spots and a few tiny spots of...
  19. JSpen

    Michigan uncommon coloration Golden Dwarf Moray (G. melatremus)

    I have a beautiful 6-9 inch dwarf golden moray eel for sale. He has a coloration that is very difficult to find amongst golden dwarf morays, and will make a great collectors fish for any reef tank. Ive had no issues with him going after anything in my tank, and have him eating rods food predator...
  20. Spanks2

    New Jersey For Sale Equipment - Masterflex, Calcium Reactors, Apex modules, Gyre XF150, reactors

    Change of Reefing Plan :-( due to Personal Reasons. I'm now selling Unused and New Equipment. Please no low ball offers. Thank you Starting with Calcium Reactor Pump. Cole Parmer Masterflex L/S 7523-80 Digital Peristaltic Pump EasyLoad II Asking $950 or OBO,

    California 125 gal acrylic set up with formica stand and canopy

    125H acrylic black back w/center trapezoid overflow, black formica stand and canopy, excellent condition overall, aquarium is 60"L x 18"W x 24"H, stand height is 30", and canopy height is 10". Comes with 1 sump that holds (1) 7" sock, Iwaki 55rlt return pump, Koralia wave controller, (2)...
  22. Darbna

    WD, OP, Beach Bum, Kung Pow, PC Rainbow auction ending tonight

    Running a facebook auction that is ending tonight. Some super nice, healthy must have pieces if your a collector. Here is the link:
  23. Darbna

    Tonight and Tomorrow are 2 more days of insanity coral going up for grabs

    Saturday and Sunday is go time for fire!!! Below is Saturday Night.... And Sunday night is just ridiculous.... These two auctions are on fire!!! There is some really nice stuff for some ridiculous rates. Don't miss out. If you participated in the auctions from Thursday and Friday...
  24. Darbna

    August Auctions all weekend

    3 Auctions of straight fire going out tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. We over 60 frags up for auction this weekend. From Collector Mushrooms, to high end Zoa, to acro packs and frags. A little something for everyone. We Have a new release mushroom in Sundays Auction along with a...
  25. Travv

    California Hyper Jubilees, Blue Hornet, Sunny D, Twizzlers, Alpha and Omega

    5 Zoa Pack, $200 Shipped Fed Ex Overnight. 1. Blue Hornets - 5 polyps 2. Hyper Jubilee - 4 polyps 3. Twizzlers - 30 polyps 4. Alpha and Omega - 15 polyps 5. Sunny D - 5 polyps Will ship out this week to work with your schedule. DOA covered, take clear picture of the frag plug...