for sale

  1. M

    Massachusetts Red Sea 300 XL G1 new

    Brand new Red Sea 300 XL G1. Stand is black and has been assembled. Tank still in original box, never seen water. All parts included from factory. $1300
  2. F

    Need to sell ASAP

    36 gallon. Paired gladiator clowns, Coral Beauty, Pigmy Angel. Lots of coral. Zoas, New York nicks torch, Gold tip torch, cotton candy torch, monti, Hollywood stunner, 30 head Dunkan, green and purple star polyps, 2 sunburst anemones + more. Some can be fragged. I need to sell all of it and...
  3. HandsyLobster

    Florida Innovative Marine 5 Gal ATO Reservoir - Trade For Coral or Fish

    Hi All, Ideally I would want to trade this for some SPS or LPS or Softies as it would be more fun. But I no Longer need this ATO Reservoir. Here is the link on BRS about it...
  4. B

    New Jersey Corals for sale - SPS, LPS, Zoa

    Have some coral frags for sale looking to go different direction with corals in tanks. Pictures are not very good, best my old iPhone could do. Would prefer local pickup. 08330 Could ask my LFS to ship for me, buyer covers shipping. Venmo or cash. Open to offers. Prices based on website...
  5. Mattc123

    Illinois FLUVAL MARINE 3.0, 59 WATTS, 48-60"

    I have a fluval marine 3.0 for sale that's been used 12 hours a day for the last year. I'm the original owner and I've had it exactly a year this month. In perfect shape and I'm sure still has lots of life left in it. Willing to ship if buyer will pay. Can send plenty of pictures or whatever...
  6. jugsmctugs

    New Jersey Waterbox Reef 130.4 - Tank, Stand and Sump plus extras (East Windsor, NJ)

    Selling my Waterbox Reef 130.4 system as I am moving into new home and downsizing. Asking $700. Tank was purchased new in December 2018 and has been up and running for five years. Entire system is in great shape. There is a small ~2" vertical scratch on the interior of the front glass panel...
  7. turfster26

    New York Reef Dynamics BioPellet Reactor BPR250 Model

    Brand new never used Reef Dynamic biopellet reactor. I bought it several years ago and never installed it with my system. I've taken a pause from the hobby, so no longer need. PM with any questions and I'll be happy to help in any way. $215 shipped to ConUS.
  8. Reef Racket

    Livestock ***RRL Coral Drops*** First LOOK / Sales / Updates

    Follow, Bookmark, and "Watch" this thread for all coral updates!!! We will continue to post new corals for sale here as they are updated on the website! Don't miss a LiCK!!!:face-savoring-food: Create a free account for 10% of and never miss an update!!! Martin Luther King...
  9. dangles

    SOLD Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 50g AIO

    I recently upgraded my tank and need to move this 50g out! It's actually still in my old house that I'm about to put on the market so I need it gone! :) SOLD Asking $850 ($1283 new, plus about $200 in upgrades/extras). No trades, please. Here's the link to the manufacturer's site with all the...
  10. turfster26

    Connecticut Advanced Acrylics SUMP 60" x 24" x 16"***SOLD***

    For sale is an Advanced Acrylic sump. Measuring 60 x 24 x 16. I purchased new and used it exclusively as a sump for my custom Miracles tank. Broke down tank after 20+ years in the hobby. And have no need for the sump going forward. There are ZERO issues with the sump. And simply needs a good...
  11. R

    New York Cheap LPS/SPS frags for sale

    Various frags for sale, pick up in Brooklyn or can meet in NYC. Package deal welcome. Sps from left to right: Purple Stylo, Pink Stylo, Green Goblin Anacrapora, Forestfire Digi, Green Pocillopora, Tricolor Pocillopora, Teal birdneast, Red Setosa.
  12. TopShelfAquatics

    HOT NEW LPS!!!

    We have some absolutely AMAZING pieces that hit our site. Make sure you head over and check them out. SEE THEM HERE
  13. R

    SOLD Nuvo15

    Nuvo15 tank for sale, includes mesh lid, filter sock, return pump and a small heater. Tank is about 1 year old. Asking $70. Local pick up in Brooklyn, NY Prism ATO with extra pump, $30: Tunze 9002 Skimmer: $30 Also have...
  14. Bo2022

    New York Sps for sale $15

    Pick up at Queens 11365 Forest Fire Monti Green sps
  15. C

    Texas Euphyllia coral for sale

    3 corals for sale. Torch, frogspawn, and hammer. $80 each, prefer local pickup in the Dallas, East TX/Tyler area.
  16. drblank1

    Ohio Bubble Magus Curve 5 (Like New) - SOLD

    Only used 2 days. Like brand new. Comes in original packaging. $95 Local pickup only - Cincinnati/Dayton Area
  17. Adamc13o3


    I purchased a Neptune Dos a month ago but set it up a week ago. (pictures of doser and invoice from BRS below). I realized that I am going to need another unit to achieve all of my dosing and AWC needs. I also have an adaptive reef board with it. I can technically fit another dos unit but I...
  18. Adamc13o3

    Florida 1 Week Old MP60 Mobius Ready

    I have an MP 60 that I got a week ago and used for 1 week. I have all the packaging as well. I purchased it new from BRS. My tank has a black acrylic sheet glued to the back on top of my 1/2” glass. I got the MP60 because it would stick better. However, it’s way too strong for my tank and I...
  19. Luckyduck

    Lighting NOT FOR SALE ANYMORE ReefBrite XHO K26 LED Add-On Kit - FOR AI Hydra 26/32, GR15 & Noopsyche K7 2 & 3

    I just recently upgraded my tank and bought 48" strips so I don't need these anymore but I absolutely loved them! They are in excellent condition and have only been used for 2 months. I have 3D printed a mount for the ballast which can be attached to back or inside of your cabinet with a 3M...
  20. M

    Looking for bowser zoas and fairy fart

    Hey! I’m in nashville tn does anyone have a small colony or multiple polyps of either of these zoas up for grabs? Either close by or willing to ship? If so message me! Thanks so much!
  21. Gobi1canobi

    8 bulb t5 for sale

    Anyone interested
  22. dangles

    Ohio NIB Ecotech Vectra S2 - Mobius Ready

    SOLD $300 shipped, no trades, PayPal G&S only.
  23. B

    North Carolina Established and thriving 320 G Reef Tank

    Hello: I am looking for a home to my established and thriving reef tank. Located in Raleigh NC. Well established and thriving reef tank. Full of SPS and LPS colonies and many fishes. Cost more than 25K in hardware alone. I need to find home for the whole setup. Buyer responsible for removal...
  24. VP616

    California (1) Ecotech Radion G5 XR15 Pro, RMS Mount System, Diffuser, Light Shade + (1) Gako LED Light

    SOLD. Bought slightly used from another member here on R2R, but ended up not using it at all (my own misjudgment in sizing and mounting options on my own tank). Comes with RMS Mount, diffuser, and 3D-printed light shade (the shade was cracked in 2 areas from shipping, but was patched with...