1. eag

    Selling my "Pico" and all livestock + equipment :(

    Hey everyone. I've been in Middle Tennessee for many months now, and started a small tank here (7.4G). I knew I wouldn't be here forever, and my original plan was to leave the tank with my family, but that doesn't sound like it's going to work out... so, I'd like to sell the tank and all the...
  2. T

    Saltwater tank equipment for sale

    -65 gallon tank and stand $350 -32g biocube and stand $420 -2 current LEDs 36-48” with ramp timer pro $120 each -eshoppes overflow boxes pf-800 $85 -eshoppes overflow boxes pf-1000 $95 -kessil a160we light $170 -2 kessil a360w $180 each -about 25-30lb BRS dry marco rock $60 -aqueon led 36”...
  3. ngservet5

    Massachusetts AI Prime 16HD Reef and Flex Mount for Sale

    Looking to sell my AI Prime 16HD reef Smart LED light with 18” flexible arm mount. Less than 2 months old! Currently have it on a 20 gallon Waterbox Cube but looking to buy the 32 HD light as I am looking for more spread. Would buy another 16HD LED puck in order to accomplish this but rather...
  4. ngservet5

    Connecticut Used Bubble King 160 Mini Protein Skimmer

    I have had this skimmer for several years and has served me well! I just did a deep clean of the entire skimmer and pump with vinegar and water so it is ready for a new home! The pump runs fine and the entire unit is there. The pump can also be used as a return pump too. Attached are some...
  5. Erick Armanii

    Connecticut Maxspect Gyre XF250

    Hey everyone! Its been a long time getting back onto the forum and ultimately back into the salty world! I made a mistake a year back purchasing just the XF250 pump and not to combination pump and controller. Since then Maxspect has released a new model making my new build almost obsolete...
  6. C

    Red Sea 625xxl sale with apex and more

    Can’t find the right place to post this. But I’m selling my Red Sea 625xxl with 3 Red Sea led 90s. Apex el with salinity probe, apex dos with the dos holders, apex ATK with separate 10 gallon tank. Jebao 55wt sterilizer and two new Jebao power heads. Red Sea 600 skimmer. 2 heaters. 175 pounds of...
  7. Jerzyray

    New Jersey WWC Purple Monster colonies $80bucks shipped!

    hello all/ Im moving out some of these purple monster colines. I will ship over night to lower 48. DOA, must have a pic. with in 3hrs of reciveing they are all $80 each First come First Pick. Plus you canpick one of seasons greetings or a green monti cap from pics below I hate to just ship one thing
  8. Jerzyray

    New Jersey Zoa's & sps for Sale.

    I have a few nice frag polyps available. $15 pp. some of the plugs have 1 pp, some have 2 and 3. also, have some wwc japanize green toadstool mushrooms @ $30 buck ea. PM for more info.. @$10ea.
  9. Jerzyray

    New Jersey ZOA POLOPS 4 SALE

    I have a bunch of zoa frags and some other stuff for sale. Not looking to ship.. but sell locally. posable trade also. In your in the 07405 area code shoot me a PM. These are just a few of what I have
  10. R


    I am selling my Nuvo 40 setup (Not parting out) that is in very good condition and has been used for less than a year. I am selling due to a health issue. Will not ship, pickup only. 76262 Included items: (No fish or corals) Tank and APS aluminum stand with screen and pump Zetlight, ZT-6500A...
  11. joesaf

    California (2) Kessil A360WEs, 90° A-Series Adapters, mounts, spectral controller

    Everything shown is in excellent condition. Regular maintenance performed. Never tuned past 50%. $600 shipped or $570 local pickup in Los Angeles. 2 kessil a360we & power cables 2 90 degree gooseneck adapters 2 Gooseneck mounts 2 daisy chain link cables 1 a series spectral controller
  12. Ditto

    New York Items for Sale, Apex, Vortech, LifeReef, Orphek, Pacific Sun

    All Prices include Shipping unless otherwise stated: :) I can not post all the pictures but can PM pictures on any item posted in this thread. Prices are negotiable :) Apex Gear: (SOLD) Pm1 (Serial Number 18237) with ORP(Capped in Water) probe ($75.00) (SOLD) Breakout Box ($20.00) (SOLD)...
  13. justjimarri

    For Trade Great*14Gallon Bio Cube

    Hello everyone , I have a 14 gallon bio cube that I'd like to trade. I'm looking for a really nice sump refugium , or vortex mp40 , or perhaps you'd like to buy it out right. Asking180 . This bio cube come with led light, a heater, pump . Let me know if your interested. Thanks.