fruit loops

  1. Daydream Corals

    Livestock Fruit Loops Zoas On Sale $33.75+ New Customers Save 10% Off

    Fruit Loops Zoas On Sale $33.75+ New Customers Save 10% Off New Customers Save an extra 10% off with coupon code "welcome"
  2. C

    New York Zoa Pack - “The Classics.”

    10 pack of classic zoas up for grabs. $180 shipped for the ten frags seen below: Included are: Rastas Scrambled Eggs Fruit loops Twizzlers Star Gazers Bob Marleys Yellow Brick Road Wild Watermelons Green Bay Packers Fire & Ice
  3. C

    New York Zoas - Many Types

    Zoas - Cheap Shipping $45 to the lower 48. Free shipping over $300. Will include free Frags for every $100 spent. Cut to order Rainbow Incinerators ($15 PP) Utter Choas ($15 PP) OG Yodas ($15 PP) Kung Fu Fighters ($15 PP) Long Lash Eagle Eyes ($12 PP) Rainbow Infusions ($12 PP)...
  4. Mariners

    Need help identifying hitchhiker on new frag

    Hi everyone, Got a new fruit loops zoa frag and i did the normal coral rx and then qt tank for a couple days. This frag has been in my dt for a couple weeks getting it acclimated to leds. Anyway i noticed what looks like tentacles (either a small feather duster or worse a small aiptasia)...
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