fungal infection

  1. J

    EMERGENCY Porcupine pufferfish with cloudy fins

    My porcupine pufferfish has a cloudy patch on her right fin and seems to have a bit of a torn tail. I just noticed today after watching her eat. She was breathing a little heavy after feeding but she seems to do that sometimes. I have also only ever seen her puff up on a few occasions but saw...
  2. nomad6

    EMERGENCY White spot on head

    Anyone have any idea what just sprung up on my blue damsel? I know it could be fungus, ick or lymphocystis, but I’m asking for advice from experiences. He seems happy and is actively hunting I just noticed it a couple of hrs ago. Look familiar?
  3. J

    Melenarus Wrasse Broken Jaw and Lethargic with Spot

    Hello, I have a Melenarus wrasse that unfortunately broke it's jaw (or something) about 7/8 months ago. He can't close his mouth at all, and has basically lived just accepting he doesn't really have a job to do, but he has always been an active swimmer. He breathes hard. Constantly. I imagine...
  4. N

    Slime on blue spotted puffer?

    Hi all! I am new to this hobby and know I’ve made mistakes from not so great advice. I currently have 60gal saltwater tank that is about a month old. Was told it would be cycled by adding fritz turbo start and all would be good. Long story short I’m having to do a fish in cycle because it didn’t...
  5. Riverlifewife

    Invert safe meds

    I’m having a crisis and need some advice. I have a blood disorder and got extremely ill. My tank got the bare minimum from my husband(he just doesn’t know anything about fish keeping) and now that I’m home and able to get around some, my fish are all sick.....I’ve never had a sick fish before. I...
  6. Lennon's Reef

    Fungal infection on Helfrich’s Firefish?

    I think my Helfrich’s firefish could have a fungal infection. There is some discoloration on one side of the body, and there seems to be a swollen whitish area at the base of the tail. Additionally, the tail itself is losing some of its yellow color. The tail was bitten quite badly by another...
  7. BloopFish

    Something eating fish while sleeping? Or infection?

    Woke up this morning to see my firefish with a red rash. Before this morning he already had some fin damage from a bully clownfish, which I have rehomed a week or so ago. However, this morning was particularly odd because not only was there a red flesh wound? that appeared, the fins seemed to...