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fusion 10

  1. Obsessed Reefer

    AIO Build Rebooting an IM Fusion 10g

    Hello R2R! It’s been a few years since I’ve had a tank setup, and after recently moving, and now being quarantined for who knows how long, it seemed like a great time to get the Fusion out of storage and clean her up and get back into it. In the past aside from the 10g, I also had a 20g Fusion...
  2. discchord

    Build Thread Proteus Reef: 10g SPS Nano Tank [As seen on YouTube!]

    I've been on the periphery of the hobby for over a year now. As soon as I stumbled into it I was hooked. The combination of science, art, and living pets inspired me deeply. I instantly went from not even knowing about the hobby to suddenly wanting to know everything! To make sure I didn't jump...
  3. S

    IM Fusion 10

    I got my fusion 10 in and set it up, I used 10 lb dry rock, 10 lb fine sand. The sand has been a bit of a problem, it is constantly kicking up so I'm in the process of trying to tune my power heads location to prevent that. I was wondering what I could keep in here that isn't your basic...