1. R

    Gap in outside seam of aquarium

    I noticed a gap in the silicone on the outside seam of a new 90 gallon aquarium. It is about a cm long and not very deep but is concerning to me. Is something to be worried about especially long term? The inside seam looks good, the tank is new and has not been filled.
  2. IceRain29

    Waterbox Frag 165.6 not level, gap on 2 corner, customer support tell me it's "normal"?!?

    So, I got a Brand New beautiful waterbox frag 165.6 from waterbox aquarium. Fully assembled and find out it has a big gap on almost all corner, I can slide the paper almost everywhere under the tank. The front right corner is the worst of the bunch, I can see a 2mm gap by my eyes if I look it...
  3. Gator2019

    Gap in tank and stand

    I recently got a 120 gallon corner (pentagon) tank. I built the stand for it and when I got done, the tank didn’t sit flat. There was a gap on the front of the tank between the 2x4 and the tank. I talked to a fellow reefer and he told me to put a thick amount of liquid nails and then put down a...