gen5 pro

  1. DanSavesTheDay

    Virginia WTB Wtb 3x XR30 RMS kits + 3x XR30 diffusers

    Wanting to buy in new or used condition 3x XR30 G5* RMS Mount kits 3x XR30 G5* Diffusers Willing to pay about $100/pair of mount kit/diffuser or $300 for all If you have what I am looking for, please shoot me a pm. Thank you :)
  2. ADAM

    North Carolina 3- G5 XR15 Radion Pros

    I’m selling my XR15 G5 Pro Radions and going to go back to Kessils. I had great growth and color with the G5’s but I miss that Kessil shimmer. The lights are already taken down, packed back in original boxes, and RTG. They were all installed Feb 2021 and used on the LPS/Softy profile with a...