great owl

  1. Reefifier

    Washington Live Goods SOLD Zoas, Great Owls, Godbeast, gonis, leathers Finished, new thread started

    Zoa frags for sale If your interested in a pack or smaller frags PM me. Shipping is $50 or local pickup available. Shipped UPS Next Day air with 2-Hour Standard DOA as soon as package is delivered, must provide pictures with original packaging. Shipping cost is not refundable Message me for any...
  2. Blamerobb

    California Live Goods FS/WTT GREAT OWL ZOAS C

    Lots available. Located in southern California. Single 200 Double 375 Triple 550 Quad 675 Shipping 50 for singles. Anything over a Single is free! Conus shipping only Dm me for any questions! looking to trade for high emd zoas. Feel free to message me!
  3. Blamerobb

    FS: Great Owl Zoas 300pp multiples available

    I have a few singles and additional with multiple heads. 300 for single. 550 double 750 for triple. Free shipping for anything over a single. Single shipping for 25 within the US. Have a 5 head as well. Multiple variations available! Feel free to message for inquiries and deals! Also willing...
  4. RedCarpetReef

    Great Owl Zoa - $300 Shipped

    Great Owl Zoa Single Polyp To order message here on R2R or Text me @9796761047 DOA Policy: The following DOA applies, in the case of DOA the customer must send a clear picture of the perished coral within 4 hours of reception for credit on the next order or replacement. Please click the...
  5. W

    California Live Goods Great Owl Zoa 5p, Marvin the Martian, and Krak God 1100 Shipped

    Would prefer local pickup for obvious reasons and with the holiday delays coming up but if it can sell before Thanksgiving happy to ship WYSIWYG PM any questions or for better pics/ videos! Free Marvin the Martian and Krak God with order (not WYSIWYG will be any frag available when shipping)
  6. A

    Texas Live Goods Great Owl Zoas Single, Doubles and a triple

    Hello guys! I have another round of Great Owl zoas available. References to my zoas available at request including great owls and other high ends. 1p 400 2p 700 x2 3p 950 These will ship starting next week. Standard 2HR DOA. No shipment delays covered.
  7. freshfruit

    Florida Live Goods Great OWL Zoas 4 Polyp $1100 Shipped

    Hi I have a 4 Polyp of Great Owls for sale $1100 Shipped standard DOA not responsible for any carrier delays unfortunately. Beautiful Zoas growing well and colored up. Local pickup Coral Springs, FL also available, thank you!
  8. A

    Texas Live Goods HIGH END ZOA PACK. Great owl and Oscar the grouch

    I have 2 packs available. 1 - 1p great owl and 2p Oscar - $1100 2- 2p great owl and 2p Oscar - $1400 Not separating them for now. Prices include shipping. Standard 2hr doa shipment policy. Cant cover shipment delays. Will shop on a Tuesday or Wednesday of mutual understanding. PM me...
  9. alecj

    Texas Live Goods Great Owl Zoa frags

    Great owl zoas singles 400