hammer coral dying

  1. C

    Hammer Coarl Help!!

    Hi, hope all are having a nice day! Bought this Hammer coral about a month ago, and started to notice it getting drastically smaller, closer to death. Was curious if you have any advice on trying to save. placed him in the middle of the tank, and will share pics! Appreciate any help!
  2. N

    Hammer loosing a head

    I’m desperate what’s happening to my hammer? It was splitting and I woke up to this. Should I remove the flesh?
  3. P

    EMERGENCY My lps/euphylias are retracting

    Help!! Okay so basically since Friday I have started to notice all my corals (soft included) were not opening as much. Today all of them are closed and my hammers, bubble and frogspawn started showing there skeleton and I am very worried. I took my hammers and frogspawn to the lfs for the next...
  4. alexiosue

    EMERGENCY Water Heater Causing Hammer Coral To Bleach?

    I have a small 6 gallon nano reef tank that’s relatively new (about a month old) and the hammer coral started opening it’s mouth 2 days ago and now it’s starting to expel its algae. I did a water change and checked levels to see if everything was fine. The nitrite is still a little higher than...
  5. alexiosue

    EMERGENCY Hammer Coral Enclosing Itself?

    I recently had to change the water and add algone to my 6 gallon saltwater aquarium because I noticed another coral was bleaching and the hammers were starting to curl in on themselves. After checking the levels via test strip I noticed nitrate and nitrite were high. I was wondering if they can...
  6. alexiosue

    Hammer Coral Mouth Opening?

    I recently noticed my hammer corals mouth keeps coming out (if that is in fact his mouth). Usually it just happens for a couple of minutes then it’s covered up again. However I am worried that something is wrong. I just got the coral roughly 5 days ago. Checked salinity and all other levels and...
  7. L

    Deflated Hammer

    Hello, My hammer randomly does this and hasnt looked fully inflated and happy since i bought it. Water parameters are normal. I just moved it a little higher on my aquascape in hopes of getting more light/flow. .
  8. T

    EMERGENCY Coral got delayed a day

    I ordered this hammer coral and it got delayed in shipping. It seems the tip of the polyps have fallen off on some. What are some emergency procedures I can do to maximize the chance of this coral living?
  9. N

    Hammer bent over

    Hey Everyone, Just looking for some advice on my Hammer Coral. I feel it’s not doing to great and has constantly been bent over to one side. Not sure what the issue is as I can’t find anything online. I’ve attached a pic Current Parameters Salinity:1.025 Calcium:410 Mag:1320 Alk 7.4
  10. P

    My hammer coral dying because of strong flow

    I just tweak my wave maker a bit a few days ago and it became too strong, I didn't notice that until today when all my hammers shrink down to the bone, I know that because before the tweak they doing fine, I just turn off the wave maker, let's hope they can be revived :disappointed-face: