1. Daedalus8311

    Wisconsin Live Goods Sps collector pack HW, RR OP, Aquaman

    SPS wysiwyg pack. No fresh cuts all are very well encrusted to plug for couple of months. Only 1 pack available. Below the pack are referenced mother colonies. Left to right: $460 shipped Homewrecker Pinky the bear RR orange passion DR Aquaman Mother colonies: Shipping included and...
  2. CoralExotic

    California Live Goods High End SPS 6 Pack Homewrecker, Rainbow Splice, Cherry Bomb…

    Sps 6 pack RRC Rainbow Splice TGC Cherry Bomb JF Homewrecker TCK Disco Infero BC Rainbow Melon TSA Wooly Mammoth Seven packs available $550 shipped to the lower 48 states Located in SF Bay Area. Discount for local pickup Live arrival guaranteed
  3. cliff076

    Wisconsin Live Goods Chunky Homewrecker "SOLD"

    Chunky/mini colony of Homewrecker acropora with direct lineage from Jason Fox.$500 shipped
  4. Zaven D

    California WTB Wtb Homewrecker mini colony chunky frag

    As the title says I am looking for either a chunky frag or mini colony of a JF Homewrecker pm me with what you have for sale and asking price. I am located in Los Angeles Ca
  5. drewsan

    California Live Goods Build Your SPS Pack (HW, SC OP, WD, Golden Rod, Super Bright Pink, Pink Cadillac, Red Planet, Copps 24K Mill, and More)

    **Photos were taken with yellow filter under AI Hydra 32 BRS AB+ Preset and with Orange glasses under AI Hydra 32 Blue Light** Two hours DOA. I MUST get clear pic/video within 2hrs of arrival, coral(s) must be in the unopened bags. If DOA does occur, I’ll either refund or replace. Free shipping...
  6. B-RadReefer84

    Florida Live Goods ACROS, Zoas, and Shrooms

    I have a good bit of Acro frags all healed up, cut a month ago. Also have some assorted zoas and a few different mushrooms available. PM if interested in anything. 100 minimum plus shipping. Shipping is $50 for UPS overnight for most places. Standard DOA policy. Pics of the dead coral in bag...

    REEFTIDE’s Eye Candy Thread

    Check out the glow on this crazy JF Homewrecker! What do you guys think?
  8. Rcampos89

    Illinois Route 66 Merlin, HW, WD pack (3peat)$600 Shipped

    Hey guys looking to sell a pack of these 3 pieces. Here are the colony pictures taken with my phone Galaxy s10. Payment is required upfront with 2 weeks healing time. I will replace any DOA pieces longest buyer pays shipping. I have 3 pack that are healing now all will be around 1". I can also...
  9. darkseeker

    Virginia WYSIWYG Collector Corals - Matt V Rainbow Envy, JF HomeWrecker, HW Colony and many more

    Hello folks, I'm rearranging my frag tank and letting some frags go for new additions. The pictures of the WYSIWYG frags will have a code on it and price will be on the list of codes included below. Pictures were taken under ReefBrite XHO and Galaxy Note10+ Pro mode. Shipping: $45 Continental...
  10. ChaosAquaculture

    Livestock Chaos Aquaculture Friday Night Clam Bake

    As per the usual weekly occurrence, Chaos is hosting an auction in Frags Coral House, starting Tonight at 730PM EST. We have 50 of the sickest wysiwyg frags listed and up for grabs. Details and rules are in each photo comment . We offer combined shipping on all coral from this auction...
  11. SM_Reef

    Nebraska Looking for high end SPS and Euphyllia

    As the title states I'm looking to purchase high end SPS and also looking for rare torch corals or just rare pieces in general including mushrooms, zoas, and other lps. I'm looking for large frags to colonies, payment is ready just let me know what you have. Please PM me a pic of the WYSIWYG...
  12. MarineDepot

    ReefWeeds Reef-Inspired Art Is Here!

    ReefWeeds Reef-Inspired Art Is Here! UV-reactive art "glows" when displayed near reef aquariums!
  13. Zazzy

    Hottest sps corals in the hobby

    Just wanted to see what everyone thinks are the hottest acropora in the hobby today. Mine are jf homewrecker and tsa bubbleyum! What do you guys think? Post the name and a picture when you share:)
  14. Darbna


    Chaos Aquaculture Price- $825 Jason Fox Homewrecker, TSA Rainbow Sherbert, WWC Purple Candle, WWC Ghillie Millie. CC Voodoo Majick Lineage- Original frags were purchased from Jason Fox, Top Shelf Aquatics, and World Wide Coral, and BSA Corals DOA Policy- Standard DOA with picture in the bag...
  15. Darbna


    Seller- Chaos Aquaculture Price- $575 Chunky Jason Fox Homewrecker Frag Lineage- Original frag purchased from Jason Fox Colony grown in my personal grow out tank from that frag. Mother colony listed in photos DOA Policy- Standard DOA with picture in the bag within 1 hour of first delivery...
  16. ChaosAquaculture

    Florida High End ACROS and SHROOMS!! HR, Ghilli, Electus, MORE

    Some Acros and Shrooms for sale! The mother colony is pictured above the frag that is for sale. Frags are WYSIWYG! Located in Wellington,FL Shipping available! Mother Colony (NOT FOR SALE) Sexy Corals Orange Passion- SOLD Chunky Frag SOLD Mother Colony (NOT FOR SALE) WWC Christmas...
  17. TopShelfAquatics


    !!! $2000 HOMEWRECKER CORAL PACK GIVEAWAY !!! Once in a lifetime chance to get your hands on a JF Homewrecker and three TSA Signature coral pieces absolutely FREE! Top Shelf Aquatics is giving away a frag pack that includes a frag of JF Homewrecker, TSA Bill Murray, TSA Minions Monti, and...