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    TODAY: Live Call with Brightwell Aquatics 12PM PST | 1PM MST | 2PM CST | 3PM EST

    Jeremy Howell is the Director of Sales for North America for Brightwell Aquatics (and sister company Continuum Aquatics). He is a long-time friend of Marine Depot who possesses 30+ years of aquarium hobby know-how and industry knowledge. Join us for a live conversation with Jeremy as we...
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    The #1 Mistake Most Hobbyists Make

    The #1 Mistake Most Hobbyists Make Julian Sprung: The Interview!
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    Marine Depot's Interview with Reef2Reef's David Hammontree aka revhtree

    Reef2Reef’s David Hammontree Talks About Staying Passionate, Buying Competitor 3reef, Dinoflagettes In His Dream Tank, and What He’s Binging on Netflix We've had the privilege of working with David (aka @revhtree) for years and think he's one of the nicest and hardest working people in the...
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    Don't miss 10% back on Innovative Marine - ENDS @ MIDNIGHT

    Don't miss 10% back on Innovative Marine - ENDS @ MIDNIGHT Now is the perfect time to start up a new nano!
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    MD Interviews Dave Fason of NanoBox

    We Chat With Dave Fason of NanoBox About LED Lighting, Building a Following, and Supporting Small Businesses