1. phil bevilacqua

    Alabama Live Goods Wwc jellybean chalice

    2 big Frags 1.5 long and 3/4 wide 225 each
  2. Thakki

    Virginia Live Goods FS - WWC Jelly Bean, SC Dynamite, Cryola meldown chalice and HG Micromussa frags

    Free shipping on orders of $400 or more. Prices include paypal fees. Standard DOA rules apply. I have few other corals if you want to combine like torches, hammers, acros, gonis and zoas. WWC Jelly Bean Chalice 1. $200 2. $150 3. $175 4. $150 5. $350 6. $275 7. $225 8. $175 SC Dynamite 1. $250...
  3. Jason Truong

    Mississippi Final Jellybean Blowout (FREE SHIPPING)

    This is the last of my jellybeans that need to go before summer ends! All of these frags display 4 different colors, red, blue, green, and orange! Some even have a 5th color; purple or pink! All orders will come with FREE SHIPPING IN THE US Red X = SOLD MOTHER CATS FOR ATTENTION...
  4. Jason Truong

    Mississippi Jellybean Rainbow Chalice Blowout V2 (Prices Updated)

    Hey everyone! My nicest chalice frags from my last cutting have finally healed up and are revealing some AMAZING COLORS. I sold most of the frags already, but these are the treasure pieces that I was saving for last! The colors are bound to get even more amazing as them rims develop even more...