kessil h160

  1. A_Blind_Reefer

    (2) Kessil AP700, (1) Kessil H160, (1) AG/IM 5-gallon hydrofill reservoir

    Shipping isn’t really an option for me. Local pickup in Buckeye, Arizona Asking $600 for all or as listed below I have two Kessil AP700 led fixtures, complete with four Kessil A series mounting arms with standard mounts and extended mounts (for deeper tanks, I got these for a 27” deep tank as...
  2. fredward

    Kessil H160 Tuna Flora with shade $200

    I have a basically brand new H160 refugium light from Kessil. It is flawless. I bought it new in march. It’s been over my sump since June but I never used it. Decided I’m not going to start a fuge now. I also have this light shade for it I’ll throw in. Looking for $200.
  3. nkyreef

    Refugiums LED Drygoods Kessil H160 - $180 shipped

    H160 Tuna Flora LED Algae Grow Light Used 8-9 months before I installed my Reefmat. Been hanging on to it but probably won't restart the refugium. $180 - shipping included. Paypal accepted according to terms and conditions. Pickup available in Cincinnati, OH.
  4. clark griswold

    Texas Refugiums Drygoods SOLD Kessil H160 Tuna Flora Refugium Light

    $140 shipped. Used approx 6 months.
  5. Burrito

    best light for fuge

    my tank is nearly done cycling and i will be running a fuge (cheato) in the middle chamber of my trigger 34, i think overall volume of water in the fuge is about 6-7 gallons given the 10"x 14" footprint and water is about 10" high. the display tank is a 100g tank. i have a prime hd for use...
  6. Bulk Reef Supply

    What's bright, purple, and just hit our loading dock?

    Look what just landed!!! Coming soon to our site ;)