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  1. S

    Tanks of Death: Unable to Maintain Mantis Shrimp or Damselfish in Large Saltwater Tank System

    Hello Everyone, tl;dr - Mantis shrimp are not living for more than 6 months. Need advice. I am involved with the maintenance and upkeep of an aquarium system in a facility that deals with mantis shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus). The system had successfully kept and maintained mantis for 8 or...
  2. SCH14

    Missouri Aquariums Drygoods Planet Aquarium 310g 96x30x25

    Selling my 310g Planet Aquarium 96x30x25 Custom ordered almost 1 year ago, has been running for less than 10 months. Comes with stand canopy and icecap 48xl sump, and return pump vectra L2 Local pickup in St. Louis Missouri. Price drop - $3,800
  3. Keko21

    Ghost Tank

    While I have other tank build threads this one is going to be my new "official" one. My wife and I decided to do a renovation on our house and of course I am incorporating a bigger tank and a fish room!!! I've been calling this my Ghost Tank because it has been a dream to have a 200+ gallon...
  4. C

    Large Build Infinia 275.6 - Waterbox

    My Waterbox Infinia 275.6 turns up tomorrow. It is going to be in storage whilst I plan the switch over from my current 6ft (unfortunately it is going in the same spot). As I have mentioned on another thread, I am building a mixing station in my outdoor shed so I can automate the top off of the...
  5. DakotaTheHutt

    First large build - making sure im not missing anything!

    Hello, fellow reefers! It's been a while since I did a build, and I've never done a build this large. So, I'd like some feedback and some help planning for this build from some fellow enthusiasts to make sure my T's are crossed and my I's are dotted. Once my plan is set, the build will begin...
  6. P

    Large Build Pat's 340 Reef Build

    Hey Crew - It might be a little premature to start the build log since I'm just getting the tank ordered but I could use a few people to double-check my layout before I submit it for the final build. So let's start with a few basics: Tank: 80 long x 38 deep x 26 high (about 340 gallons)...
  7. Smooch30

    Florida Aquariums Aquarium Controller Return Pumps Sumps Miscellaneous Package Deal Drygoods Reef Aquarium System Located in Tampa, FL *One Low Price* $5,500 OBO

    Getting out of the hobby. Everything goes for $5,500 OBO! Tank Tsunami 600-Gallon 120"Lx36"Wx36"H Rectangular Acrylic Aquarium (has minor scratches) = $3,000.00 (Pickup Only) Canopy/Cabinets Canopy: Standard 15"(H) open back – Oak X 1 (Houses 12 Radion LED XR30w) = $250.00 (Pickup Only)...
  8. Wiskey

    Large Build Whiskey's 300 Gallon Glass Cages Dream Reef. It only took 22 years!

    I know I've made mention a time or two recently that I was interested in setting up a dream reef, the kind of reef that I've wanted ever since the early 2000's but I've never been able to do for one reason or another. Something in the neighborhood of 300 gallons that I can have for 20 years and...
  9. JZ199

    want to see aqueon 210 and other tanks 100 gallons +

    Been looking into the aquen 210 gallon reef ready, but can't really find any pictures of one up and running... would be really interested in seeing anyone that has one set up and checking out your stand and equipment setups. I would also be interested in checking out any other tanks and setups...
  10. StephenC

    Build Thread Building and setup of Large Tanks

    Hello everyone, I am in the process of designing a tank, hopefully two, to build and thus this post. I would really appreciate any opinions/feedback/advice on the design. Below you can see my initial display tank design and features/considerations for a 370gal tank and a 210gal tank (with same...
  11. N

    Hello New to R2R

    New to R2R, heard about it and was also investigating some ideas for my freshwater system. Have been in this hobby for more than 25yrs, mostly FW. Over the past few yrs I focused on nature aquarium style and detailed aquascape with plant selection. I kept a SW cube few yrs back with toadstool...
  12. D

    Large Build Need Help W/Large Multi Tank Setup idea

    Hey All, I am planning a remodel of my basement and just broke down all my freshwater tanks and I am looking to jump in to the saltwater world. I have a 150g 6ft tank and a standard 75g. I was going to build these into a dividing wall side by side and use the backroom area as the "fish room"...
  13. guero130

    Monster Build Güeros new 250G build.

    Hey everyone, you could say I am pretty new in this hobby, I setup my current 180 in Dec '17. since then I have added a 50G frag table into the system making it about 280G total. I loved the hobby from the get go naturally being that diving is one of my passions. Fast forward to now, a short 17...