1. B

    Finally ready to put corals in

    Hey guys my 180 gallon has been up and running stable for about a year now I finally have adequate lighting. I'm ready to start putting corals in I have a few that have been sitting in a biocube just waiting. I want to do all soft corals mostly leathers. My question is where is a good place to...
  2. M


  3. lazycouch

    tentacles or worms on my coral?

    hey guys a lot of you might laugh but i’m new to the hobby and was wondering what this is at the stalk of my new finger leather? i had fed my fish blood worms the other day and thought a couple of them got jammed there but now that i look closer it seems like the tips have feather-like things on...
  4. Bhor217

    Build Thread Starting my Saltwater tank build

    hey all, I wanted to start a build thread for my a new SW tank. I am hoping to get a reef ready glass tank that is either 90G or 120G (if I can find a 48” sized 120G tank, that is my preference. if anyone has knows where I can find one, please let me know, feedback I am getting is it is a newer...
  5. Brian Goldstein

    California Neon Green Weeping Willow

    Hey Reefers! I have 2 frags of this stunning neon Weeping Willow coral. Frags are 2+ inches. You don't come across these guys too often. I'am in SoCal, so local pickups only. I'am asking $70/ frag Thanks all, -BG