1. 1stPhantom

    Coralife Seascape Mini LED Aqualight, 12"-18

    Hi so I got the light and was wondering peoples experience with it and what you suggest height of the light on a standard 10g lid tank? There’s a plexiglass strip on the Lid as long as the tank and 4-6inches wide(or should I get rid of it ). Also what would u put the in intensity and light...
  2. Jsmith377

    Finnex 247 Marine + SE 48”

    Since I was unable to get any feedback from any forums and Finnex themselves never got back with me on numbers, I bought a meter and did my own. Apogee MQ-510. These are all directly under the light and the highest readings I got at the marked depths. The light is only 4” above the water. Also...
  3. INKBIRD_official


    Black Friday & Cyber Monday for the USA and Canada!!! START from NOV 25 to NOV 29! Check US Amazon Store: https://amzn.to/3oZphfd Some main deals on USA Store IBS-TH1 Aquarium Thermometer: https://amzn.to/2ZkApKQ IBS-TH1 Plus Aquarium Thermometer: https://amzn.to/3HUIh7e 7 IN 1 Aquarium Test...
  4. INKBIRD_official

    {Giveaway} THREE WINNERS!! To Win a WiFi Aquarium Temp Controller, a Pool Thermometer and a LED Light Bulb

    Giveaway Closed! Thanks for all the entries! Congrats to @Reefer Reboot to win a WiFi Aquarium Temp controller, @Orko to win a floating thermometer, @FTW-Reef to win a blue bulb. Please PM me with your shipping info to claim the prize. Nice weekend...
  5. VetReefer

    2 Radion Gen 4 Pros with Diffuser

    2 Radion Gen 4 Pros with Diffuser and RMS mount $850 Shipped. Do not have the boxes with trade for Other equipment and T5 Hybrid.
  6. ngservet5

    Massachusetts AI Prime 16HD Reef and Flex Mount for Sale

    Looking to sell my AI Prime 16HD reef Smart LED light with 18” flexible arm mount. Less than 2 months old! Currently have it on a 20 gallon Waterbox Cube but looking to buy the 32 HD light as I am looking for more spread. Would buy another 16HD LED puck in order to accomplish this but rather...