live rocks

  1. reefpizza

    NOT curing fresh live rocks

    That's an easy question for the more expert (with more experience with live rocks) i plan to add 3/4kg just for some fresh biodiversity inside my 100G tank, i already have 20kg of dead rock + 5kg of live rocks since the beginning (6 months in), can I skip the curing process for this small amount...
  2. P

    Live rocks has been in sw bucket for 6 months no flow or heater

    I have had about 30 lbs of live rocks sitting in my buckets full of sw w lids on from the tank i used to have 6 months ago. I sold and tore everything apart, live rocks were the only ones left to me and I am planning to start a new tank. I already bought a new live rock from the lfs to cycle my...
  3. Chirag Marwaha

    My 24 Gallon(90 Litres) Sump Design

    Hi! I've created a sump design and would like some feedback on it. Pardon me for cramping the drawing a bit. Hope it's readable enough and not an eyesore. It has following 4 chambers: 1) Protein Skimmer 2) Ceramic Rings, Pot Scrubbers(Scrubbies Affectionately) and maybe Activated Carbon 3)...
  4. Chirag Marwaha

    Miscellaneous help regarding first marine, fish only tank

    Hi! My first post here. I've got a few queries. Hope someone experienced would help out. 1) I've already got Chaetos macroalgae for my refugium, but my sump tank isn't ready yet. Now, I might not be able to collect it till the next weekend. I've kept it in a bucket of saltwater. Will it survive...
  5. Jakewatt

    First Live-Rock Aquascape, amount of LR, advice, help etc!

    Hi, I've set up the first batch of Live rock, used aquaforest cement, works pretty good! (i bought the rocks from a previous owner with the tank 2nd hand), i'm guessing there's 25kg but really i have no idea... It's my first setup, so any advice is greatly appreciated! I think i need to add...
  6. Sdiesel77

    Nano 15G/60L - Using Live Rocks in filter or not

    Hi Guys, My nano tank 15G/60L has been running great for over a year, water parameters look alright however I start noticing a caulerpa racemosa invasion and some dino. I am using crushed live rocks in my back filter and was wondering if I should keep it this way or if it could be generating...
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