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  1. SkiCatTX

    Build Thread SkiCat's Dream Build: [Saving The] Planet 180 - The Making Of An Epic Aquacultured Mixed Reef

    Introduction It has long been a dream of mine to build a larger tank (like no doubt many of us) since I started keeping marine fish a century ago (approximately). After putting it off for far too long, I have finally decided to go all in on a new dream build! As with many things I set my mind...
  2. Holy_makerel

    Maricultured mini colony. I'd love to know what it is

    Quickly becoming one of my favorites. I was concerned with how it would do since it was maricultured but it has settled right in with nice polyp extension day and night. Any ideas on what it is? I'll get better pics here soon with my dslr but this is what i have for now Thanks folks!!
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