marine and reef 2.0

  1. DrLazyReef

    Hello Hello y'all, namaste

    Name's sammy, from North East India here. Not new to the hobby, The hobby in my country is a dichotomy, on one hand all 'reef building' corals, gorgonians are illegal, on the other poaching of 'local' coral is rampant too. One can't go by unless you know someone who knows someone.. Apart from...
  2. Vg1

    Water lvls for coral

    Hi I just brought a water test kit to make sure my lvls are right and iv been looking on the internet and it's mixed messages so looking for some advice. I currently have two clown fish and some coral tank has been set up for almost a month and is going through the uglies at the moment. Can...
  3. bsfmaximus

    Lighting Break Mode during day time. Benefit? (fluval marine and reef 2.0)

    I just picked up a couple of gently used 24” marine and reef 2.0 fluval led lights and “WiFi” controller. Good deal. I was running 24 and 18 inch current USA marine orbits on my 54g corner tank previously. I am hoping because of spectrum and wattage that this is an upgrade. I’ve sucessfully...