marine aquarium

  1. R

    What’s on my rock!

    Hi fellow reefers, first post here, I’m just looking for a bit of advice - there is something covering my rock and wondered what it is! Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Carebearsss.x

    Please help identify. I'm thinking it may be some kind of slug?

    Please help me identify. I'm very new with this. Thinking it could be a sea slug
  3. Taxus812

    Build Thread Terrys Red Sea Max E170 Build thread

    Here we go. I started my tank build before getting to R2R but I did make a log of what was going on so I can do a bunch of catch up posts until I get current. Some of this is in my introduction so I am sorry about the repeat information Background of what I want and how im going about building...
  4. Jennie

    Where to shop??

    Hello East Tennessee, I live in Southwest Virginia and I would like to know everyone’s thought on where reputable local fish stores are in the area. I am willing to drive the couple of hours to the Knoxville or Asheville area. My tank: Red Sea Reefer 250 Mostly softy tank I will be upgrading...
  5. Jennie

    Lfs in Greensboro NC area?

    wondering if anyone knows a reputable lfs in the Greensboro NC area?
  6. Realworldreefing

    Large Build Upcoming 180 Gallon ZEOvit Reef Build

    Hello! In about a month I'll be starting my new reef aquarium build! I'm going to be doing a full build series here and on Youtube. I hope if anyone is interested they tag along. The system will consist of 180 gallon aquarium from custom aquariums. Lighting is going to be ether Orphek...
  7. The Past and Future of the Hobby

    The Past and Future of the Hobby

    The Past and Future of the Hobby At this time of year, we often look back on what has transpired in the past year both good and bad and think about it. For me, it was for the most part a good year in aquarium terms, as I wrote a fair amount, most of my tanks did well and I traveled more than I...