1. InactionJackson

    Massachusetts Skimmers Drygoods Deltec 600i

    Clean Deltec skimmer, 600i. Less than a year old Pick up in Pembroke Ma Or shipping buyers expense.
  2. S

    Massachusetts Return Pumps Drygoods Reef Octopus Varios 6 Pump w/float switches

    Reef Octopus Varios 6 DC return pump. Never used beyond throwing it in a bucket of fresh water to test it before listing it for sale. I never got around to drilling my main tank for an overflow so this just sat around collecting dust. You WILL need the float switch to operate this pump but...
  3. S

    Massachusetts Dosing Drygoods GHL Doser 2.1 SA and magnetic stirrer

    GHL Doser 2.1 Standalone Model, can be linked to the Profilux 4 if you want. Used for Freshwater plant solutions for a bit but did not get extensive use. Will include the John Guest fittings used on the solution bottles (not shown). Comes with one Magnetic stirrer that you can have the doser...
  4. Mike A

    Massachusetts Live Goods OG Tyree PM frags for sale

    Two frags of Tyree Purple Monster acro for sale. First frags taken from a colony grown from a frag purchased from lawofficeaquariums $375 each, cash or PayPal Not set up for shipping, so local PU only Not interested in trades
  5. D

    Massachusetts WTB Look for new Neptune dos

    I am looking for a NEW Neptune dos. Need to ship to MA
  6. InactionJackson

    Massachusetts Skimmers SOLD Deltec 400i

    Deltec 400i. DC Used, roughly 15 months old Excellent condition Bought from another reefer on this site who took excellent care of it. Like him, I upgraded to a bigger Deltec….I feed a lot. $325 + shipping. FIRM will get shipped from 02359, Massachusetts
  7. InactionJackson

    Deltec Skimmer 1000 Series

    Looking for a Deltec skimmer, 1000 series with controller, I have a 400 w/controller already…looking to upgrade due to heavy feeding. Thx for looking
  8. InactionJackson

    Miscellaneous SOLD Reefmat 500. SOLD

    Used Reefmat…8 months old, selling due to getting a skimmer. Comes with a new roll and a 3/4 roll. No box. $280 plus shipping Michael
  9. M

    Massachusetts Rhode Island Live Goods RBTA and coral

    I have a bunch of RBTA’s available (25 ea.), I have a large single head of lemon lime octo (100). And a few nice frags of Japanese neon green toadstool about 4-5 inches (40$ ea.). Pickup only. 02771
  10. 508_nanoreef

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods FIJI CUBE 48 Gal

    FS BRAND NEW NEVER SEEN WATER,Fiji Cube 48 gal external overflow tank 30x24x16,sits on custom made solid 3/4 wood stand with matching equipment cabinet,I can include rock structure and whatever blue plumbing I have at no additional cost,buyer will need sump of there choice also can include...
  11. InactionJackson

    Miscellaneous Dosing Drygoods SOLD GHL Doser 2.1. GONE

    GHL Doser 2.1 , SA, 4 pump, black New, its plugged in but never dosed anything, was going to get an ION but that’s not happening. This is just the Doser, no box Willing to ship at buyers expense $400.00 Purchased 5/5/23
  12. A

    Connecticut Massachusetts Live Goods 80-gallon deep, full turn key $1000

    Hello, I am taking a few month-long vacations starting next month and don't think my tank can live through the trips. The tank is a few years old but has no scratches. The tank is in. great condition, and the stand is in good condition. The stand was some rust on the hinges but other than that...
  13. italquam

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods 180 Gallon Glass Aquarium Massachusetts

    I am selling a used 180 gallon glass tank , Eurobraced style , 72x24x24 , has built in overflow as seen in photos, two returns , comes with solid wood black stand . Access to stand is from back of tank but you could add doors if you want. Tank and stand is located in Middleton, Massachusetts...
  14. Hazenight

    Massachusetts Skimmers Drygoods Reef octopus 110 int skimmer

    Reef octopus 110 skimmer used.
  15. Jonathan veillette

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods tanks/equipment. Moving. Need it gone. MA pick up only.

    Pickup Chicopee MA. please email me or message me here. email is [email protected]. Everything needs to go. 3 tanks. all 3 tanks are from advanced acrylics. they cost 1500 a piece, they are 1" acrylic. all custom built. These tanks are 56"×30"10" high with external overflows. The smaller...
  16. Nemjamin

    Connecticut Live Goods Black Widow Bubble Tip Anemone (pickup only)

    Have multiple ranging from 5 inch -10 inch. Listing price is for the smaller ones, if interested in larger ones please inquire. Can send more pics upon request. PICKUP ONLY in Hartford county
  17. FjordReef

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods ***NEW INNOVATIVE MARINE 50G LAGOON PRO 2 AIO W/ STAND - $750 OBO***

    This tank and stand are brand new, received the first week of October. Tank has not had any livestock in it, nor has it seen saltwater. I only filled with freshwater and put lights on to leak test. Perfect glass and seams. Comes with stand, filter caddy, filter sock, MightyJet return pump...
  18. jasonrusso

    Massachusetts Live Goods Huge 10" volitan lionfish in Massachusetts

    I'm in Massachusetts by the NH border. It's Thanksgiving so it's come time to move my turkeyfish. I have a 10" volitan lionfish. He is super healthy, very active, and easy to care for. He eats anything. He eats out of the water colum, he eats off a stick. He eats live. He competes for food...
  19. A

    Skimmers Sumps Refugiums Drygoods Lifereef CLF1 Sump w' Chiller mod, SVS2-24 skimmer, 24" LifeReefugium- New York - Pickup Preferred but may consider shipping. Willing to meet.

    Includes: 1. LifeReef CLF1 Berlin Sump Dimensions: L 28" x W 13 1/4" x H 14 1/8" = Approx. 22 gal. Height with Skimmer: H 23 1/4" Custom designed with dual down-flows connections, which can also be used as a single. Chiller mod for Aqua Logic Cyclone® Pro TLC-2 1/5 HP Chiller 2. LifeReef...
  20. FjordReef

    Massachusetts Aquariums Drygoods Innovative Marine Fusion Pro 2 50G Lagoon AIO - Brand New - Boston, MA - $898

    I have decided to go another direction with my next build. I have a brand new 50G AIO IM Nuvo Fusion Pro 2 I want to sell. It was delivered in late Sept/early Oct and is in perfect condition. It has never seen water (still has sticker on acrylic wall), perfect silicone, perfect glass/no...
  21. a_reefer11

    Massachusetts ATO Drygoods SOLD Tunze ATO - Will Ship

    Tunze ATO $90 shipped
  22. Lumpystarpolyp

    Massachusetts Live Goods Clown fish and Banggai cardinal-Massachusetts

    I am taking down my last tank and want to find a home for my clown fish and banggai cardinal fish. There are also 2 peppermint shrimp, as well as an emerald crab, and a few corals although to be honest, the corals aren't looking their best at the moment. I am not asking for any money for any...
  23. adsf430

    Fish stores around Cape Cod?

    Driving from Greenwich CT to Cape Cod. Anyone have any recommendations of fish/coral shops to check out on the drive or around Chatham?
  24. R

    LED Package Deal Drygoods C-vue 40 Aio tank setup complete

    Time has come to let go of my tank and inhabitant’s. Tank is in great shape a few light scratches close to sand bed . Stand is in good shape some of the vinyl should be replaced. Tank is the same footprint as a 40gal breeder . 24 inch reef breeders light Nano skimmer ( forgot name ) will...
  25. GG0L3M

    Free/Cheap Fish & Inverts

    All fish and inverts under this post have been sold.