master scoly

  1. Joe Knows Reefs

    JOE'S 11th ANNIVERSARY LIVE SALE - Official Thread!!!

    WOOOOOOOOOT!!! Wow, how the time has FLOWN by! We just wanted to make a quick announcement/post so you can mark your calendars :) Please join us on November 6th from 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our 11th Anniversary Live Sale 1000+ FRAGS!!! Win an Ecotech Radion XR30, MP40QD, and MORE...
  2. Joe Knows Reefs

    Rainbow Acans, Crazy Bowerbankis, Hot Shrooms - What else could ya ask for? at

    Happy Friday eve to all you cool cats and kittens out there! We've been hoarding some nice corals and have finally set them free! First off, we would like to introduce Joe's Night Stalker Bowerbanki! This thing is LEGIT! Golden orange rim, sparkly body, multicolor mouths. There just aren't...
  3. Joe Knows Reefs

    JOE'S CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE - July 31, 2021 - Official Thread!!!

    It's time for another HOT Live Sale here on R2R with our fellow reefing family! We invite you to JOIN US RIGHT HERE on JULY 31st FROM 6pm - MIDNIGHT (Eastern) for our "CHRISTMAS in JULY LIVE SALE" Here are a few teasers of actual corals that will be in the sale...
  4. Edudek

    Florida WTB Looking for a master scoly!

    Hey everyone I’m looking for a nice master scoly to add to my collection! Let me know what you got! Thank you

    Ultimate Blasto Update + Master Scolys!(RDPD, OG Iron Man, WWC Rainbows +++)

    For all the blasto people, here you go! Click HERE to view all Blastos And, those high end scoly collectors! Click HERE to view all scolys
  6. Rodrigo Segnini

    Florida Scoly Lacera Rainbow or Master?

    Hello guys! I got this Scoly Lacera years ago and always was curious of what kind of name by definition of his colors patterns and price value of this coral in specific! I know till now these are classified as Scolymia Lacera different to his close cousins Scolimya Cubensis, both Caribbean...
  7. AlexAbel197

    Florida 3.5" Master scoly for sale

    Up for grabs is a master scoly. About 3.5" in length. This thing is truly a beast and loves to be fed. Local pickup in orlando. I can also ship if needed but would prefer local pickup. $1000
  8. ACF930

    Pennsylvania WTB Master Scoly

    Looking for a nice and unique Master Scoly.
  9. K

    Alabama Cornbred Rainbow Chalice, Acantho, JBs, Red Devils, & More

    Hello! Thinning out some corals so I can redo my rock work. That said, shipping a flat $45; I'll eat the cost if more, via UPS Next Day Air AM. 2 hour DOA. Contiguous USA only. I've shipped a large number of items. SOLD Scoly $200. About 4" across. It is much lager, fatter than it appears...
  10. K

    WWC OG Bounce, Master Scoly, Momma Kryptonite Mushroom

    Hello! Shipping a flat $50; I'll eat the cost if more, via UPS Next Day Air AM. 2 hour DOA. Time to downsize my mushroom collection. :) SOLD Large Kryptonite (1st & 2nd image): $600 This bad boy is bigger than a silver dollar and gives me babies like crazy. It currently has four babies; you...